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  1. Well, some characters I have are outdated and need syntax changes. Rather than do it all myself I looked for a semi-easy way to do it. I found a program called MFixer and it seemed like what I need, bit when I went to run it I couldn't find the .fix file. The readme acts like it should be there, but it isn't and I can't find it elsewhere. Does anyone know what I'm talking about or can help me out?
  2. That's heinous, man. Good luck on the job hunt.
  3. Ash: "That's just what we call pillow talk, baby" Ash: "Klatu......Verata.....Nic *Cough*" (There- fixed that problem )
  4. AAAA! I can't believe I didn't post any AoD quotes!!!!! AAAA! The shame!!!!!!!!! Good one, balthasar.
  5. Speed is life? that sounds cultish for sure. I applied for target once but got jerked around. I got a tour of the place and saw what all I'd have to do. I was bummed I didn't called back. Sucks about your arms, too. I got my foot crushed at one job I had as a machine inspector- too bad you didn't hurt your arms at work Workman's comp!
  6. Man, balthasar that does massively blow. I know what it's like to be put in danger or pushed around by "experienced" morons in a job. hearing your story did make me remember some other crappy jobs i had, though. I remember having to power sand a ceiling 300 feet up in the air on a scissor lift with no harness or goggles. Three or four weeks of being coated in sawdust, looking like a yellow swamp thing. Ugh. When I was very young and naive I ended up working as a janitor/ handyman at a church. Not only did I get paid 60 dollars a week to work around 10 hours a day five days a week, but I ended up falling off a twelve foot ladder and being knocked out for god knows how long without anyone checking on me. I had to limp/hop/drag myself to my bosses office to get taken to the hospital. The good side of that one was that my boss ended up cleaning up the paint from the paint can I had in my hands when I fell. I quit the next week. (On a side note-I'm also 6'3" balthasar. Oooooooooo! Spoooooky!!)
  7. I've had a car spin out on me, too. I was coming home from work in the winter when all of a sudden the car just whipped to the left and spun around in a circle about 3 times. I was so stunned I didn't do anything. I never toughed the wheel, but was somehow lucky enough to just end up pointed in the direction i had come form. I just snapped out of it and drive back and took another way home. That was so bizarre.
  8. Btw I don't care if that was an old post.
  9. Uh, I'm a mugen lover AND I post in the lounge.
  10. When I first learned to drive I was driving a girl home and saw flashing lights behind me. I thought it was the cops and freaked out. And right when I went to pull over a cat leaped in front of the car and I killed it. The girl started screaming and I thought I was getting arrested. It was heart pounding. Turns out it was an ambulance behind me. I have a lot of driving stories. I could fill up a few pages. Another time after I bought my first car I went to look at an apartment with my then girlfriend. We got there early so I drove around awhile. I spotted a rain puddle in a parking lot and hit the gas to go run through it. I slammed the puddle and then realized there was a storm drain at the edge of the lot with my front wheel over the edge. I hit the brakes when I was going about fifty and stopped right on the edge of the drain. Unfortunately my car was front wheel drive and I was stuck. The owner of the store (It just so happened to be a liquor store) came out freaking out and yelling. I offered no excuse and kind of laughed about it. Just about then I remembered I had to go look at the apartment, so I left the car there and went to see it. I ended up putting a down payment on it before going back to my car. the guy who owned the store was gone. I thought maybe he had called the cops (I'm paranoid about having the cops called on me btw) so I called one of my friends to get him to bring his dad's truck out so I could escape the situation and hopefully the long arm of the law. 20 minutes later he shows up in a cavalier. I could have killed him. So he ends up trying to climb down into this stinking runoff drain water and push the car out. While he's doing so, incidentally the car's spinning tire catches him in the nipple. After we get him pulled out pf the muck the owner of the store comes back and tells me he can tow me out if I sign a contract so I can't sue him if he messes up the car. (This is after two hours of trying to get it out btw.) So I go in to sign the papers and he wants to see my license. The problem is I didn't have one at the time. I made up a bullcrap story about the computers at the dmv which he bought by some small miracle and 20 minutes later I was out of there. Oh, and I signed the contract in the video store next to the liquor store, so I ended up buying a 'Saw" dvd form him before I left. I'll probably put some more stories up later.
  11. hahahhahaha They way you worded that was hilarious. Worse job for me was when i was in my teens working at Mcdonalds. I did kind of make it seem like the sheep were coworkers or something, didn't I? I dodged the golden arch bullet. I picked up an application but then thought "Wait! What the hell am I doing?" I got into construction after that. I think I did the right thing.
  12. I just rewatched hellraiser and it was fairly gorier than I remembered it to be. There's a lot of goop in that movie.
  13. Well? What was the worst job you ever had in your whole life? Personally I'd have to say it was shearing sheep. I got paid a ridiculously small amount of money and the sheep were horrific to deal with as well as filthy.
  14. Hmmm! I may have to retract my statement. I guess I should have figured that out when I saw it was called Biohazard.
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