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  1. What is mugen Where do I get mugen? Adding characters How do I disable the debug information at the bottom of the screen? Different file formats
  2. I would sugest extracting the files cheack here for how to add characters
  3. 1. you have to change the system.def so that the fight.def of the life bars you want to add is chosen eg: if the fight.def file is in the bars folder my system.def would be spr = system.sff ;Filename of sprite data snd = system.snd ;Filename of sound data fight = Bars/fight.def ;Fight definition filename select = select.def ;Character and stage selection list note that this folder must be in the same folder as the system.def file 2.check streetmugen...
  4. eh you extract the files from the zip and click on the executable
  5. heck I don't even put my roms into categories
  6. ahahahahah just turn on the TV I bet you can find something intresting while you wait
  7. in your mugen.cfg file you need to set debug to 0 [Debug] ;Set to 0 to disable starting in debug mode by default. Debug = 0 also according to the board you posted this at 2:16 AM by which time I was sleeping...
  8. yes open your data folder and open the select.def file instrucions or how to add characters are written in there.
  9. all you need to do is download winmugen from here extract all the files into a folder and load mugen there is a thread in the stickies where you can get characters
  10. no sorry that author uses stolen code in his works and hosting other peoples work without permission is also forbiden
  11. topic revivals are bad please don't do that unless you have something useful to add
  12. Funny thing is I'm not running an AV program. :S are you mad http://www.activevirusshield.com/antivirus/freeav/index.adp <-- get it now Your recomending AOL! I stopped using any of AOL's protection software since I got Spyware Doctor and found out I had over 1000 infections that AOL's spyware software or even Norton Antivirus wasn't detecting. Spyware Doctor is from the same makers of Spybot: Search and Destroy so I know that it's legit. Ever since I got it I've been a major sceptic about any of AOL's security features. My grandmother uses AOL on her laptop and everytime I run Spyware Doctor on it I get at least 100 results. The fact that this antivirus progam is free is also making me a little uneasy about it. No good protection software is ever truly free as far as I'm concerned. um duh its an antivirus not spyware remover
  13. Funny thing is I'm not running an AV program. :S are you mad http://www.activevirusshield.com/antivirus/freeav/index.adp <-- get it now
  14. you should be able to open it from the menu that allows you to change the memory cards
  15. megaman_zer0 I just aded you BTW
  16. cool less chances of gettin viruses --;
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