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  1. more like wait forever since with Pandora there is no need to look for one.
  2. A new version of the SNES emulator for PSP done by an anonymous Japanese coder Source direct link
  3. check the folder name and remove all spaces and "_". happned to me once
  4. really? thats what they said about the PSP ( and did) yet CFW overcame that and more. ...because of an exploit...at the hardware level
  5. please do not create more than one topic asking the same thing
  6. what do you mean please give more information where you makeing a character, or did you add characters but their colors are messed up?
  7. Currently palying crisis core and star ocean:SE
  8. yes but the schools won't be a contributing factor to their obesity.
  9. I could definitely do that. The true question is would I ever do that.
  10. well lets see: Chrono Trigger megaman X up to 3 final fantasy 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,12 star ocean 1,2,and 3 disgea dark cloud 2 Kingdom hearts 1, 2 and chain of memories tales of phantasia fire emblem sacred stones summon knight 1 and 2 super mario world..... the list goes on
  11. mugen doesn't come with characters so I'm afraid I don't know what you are asking. are you asking about a mugen full game and to you have a link to said game?
  12. Basically what I mean is that I don't need a cheat sheet. never was one to take the easy way.
  13. Nice tips, however, i believe in only my own "strength".
  14. the main reason why no one really wanted their stuff hosted was because people would just slightly edit there characters and then reupload them as "new" characters, everything was open source in the beginning. my personal view is that if someone decides not to let anyone host their files we should respect that. However, a few months back the actual rules of the mugen community changed thanks to a big push from Valodim and a few others in the community. I should have updated the rules then was just a tad lazy (copypasta)
  15. yes lower the value of volume in the character's cns file
  16. don't revive old topics please.
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