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  1. well wasn't that real gameplay near the end of the video?
  2. ah guess I didn't read your post well enough.
  3. Just because you do not have a favorite does not mean others can't. there is more to having a favorite than how the game plays.
  4. what exactly do you mean by "a history?"
  5. http://www.chronotrigger.jp/
  6. no you earned 2 things after battles exp and tech points. tech points are what you needed to learn new skills.
  7. dude what are you talking about you didn't learn skills based on level in CT o_O
  8. right now my current favorite is ff II but i've been playing tactics and its shaping up to be my new favorite.
  9. 1.50 kernel addon also released at the same site source
  10. remove all the excess spaces and "-" from the name of the song.
  11. Busou Renkin if you like shounen Darker than black was good too
  12. does this mean tri-ace is only developing for the x360 now o_O
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