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  1. Does anyone have this plz send to brenda0732@sbcglobal.net I cant find this intro any were
  2. ShugenDo is a 2D Fighting Engine based on the M.U.G.E.N Fighting Engine.ShugenDo trys to be fully compatible with the char format of M.U.G.E.N. It wants improve a lot of things, like dynamic stages, hardware accelerated rendering, network play....Also ShugenDo is designed for multiple platforms like ShugenDo is designed for multiple platforms like Windows,Linux,PS3 Linux, PSP etc only time can tell what they do next
  3. Heres a of the new engine It look good for a new engine, if you want it go here. I cant wait till it updates it shows good promise
  4. U do realize you can find all this on google right
  5. Yea got them . Now Im searching for HolyRyu(not Angel) HE DOES ecsist I seen him in a utube vid,but bad luck for me the persons account got banned after I ask to trade
  6. Geting back to topic has herd or seen Tekken 2D chars,Not the ones off of NamcoXCapcom
  7. I just got that right now
  8. I'm a rare mugen badass char collector I keep hearing thees names when I search for Badass rare chars Death Ogre, Holy ken, Sheng long, Angel Ryu, and the very very first Wand-D char those are the only names I keep getting,but already got them easily ecsep Sheng long Are there any worth wild badass chars that I can get
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