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  1. street fighter alpha 3 US980904 != street fighter alpha 3 USA 980904
  2. no its not you or the other person has sfa3 (USA98094) don't know how to fix it though.
  3. http://www.elecbyte.com/ Now don't hit the roof just yet as the site just has Elecbyte's logo and a few Google ads
  4. please read the rules stickied at the top of the forums thank you
  5. the only thing I can think of if that it is that the spelling of your stage in the def is different than how its spelled in the stages folder. can you use the stage otherwise?
  6. here is what I do answer and say hello if it is indeed a telemarketer just hangup and continue what i was doing so it goes something like this me:hello? telemarketer:hi I'd like to.. *hangs up phone
  7. download winmugen there is a link to it in the F.A.Qs
  8. well the best thing to do would be to read whats in the docs folder and if you get stuck while creating you can always try asking at http://randomselect.com or http://mugenguild.com even here and I'll try my best to answer your questions
  9. ... just configure them how you want options --> controller plugin configuration
  10. please read the stickied rules before posting again thank you ^^
  11. why the hell should they get anything free when my parents worked their asses off to get me here legally
  12. well its not that hard to figure out if you read the whole thing it will tell you exactly how to insert characters
  13. please read the FAQ and don't link to the Index of the site
  14. yes you can search for the preripped sound or you can rip them youself
  15. all you realy need to do is add the sound in the snd file using the sound editor in fighter factory make sure it has a unique group number and use the playsnd sctrl in the state where you want the sound to be played
  16. post the exact error that you got
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