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  1. ill Answer that for you GC. 1. As far as Jap Releases, Mainly fighters have online play but ps2 conloses are region restricted. However, there is a way around that. (ill bbl with info) 2. Many games comes with the online utility disc embedded within so when you try to get online with your system, if your memory card has no network configuration saved within, the system wil prompt you to create one and take you to the network config settings. 3. Yes, you need to patch the DNAS file found in online compatible ps2 games. EA Games are likely to have two or three DNAS files that needs to be patched with the same codes. Here is a thread on ps3 news that has a list of all games that works supporting this method, NTSC US Games list NTSC Jap Games List PAL European Games List In the games ID's the first two sets of "xx" can be changed to whatever you like in range from numbers 1-7 and letters A-F, the rest of the numbers must remain the same as is for they are region code numbers that ids the disc. There are two tools you can use for that to scan a game and its DNS files. Dics ID Inserter v2.20 here is the thread with its ID source code here if interested. here is another tool for changing DNAS Id's in your backups oh and the info about changing you machines id "region code" can be found here. Sorry guys but the above only works with v1-v8 consoles. no V9 and above as of yet. I hope this info help's GC.
  2. Got an up and coming Unreal Tourney III clan site in the works. We are mainly a clan for the PC version of this game. Right now there are 6 of us, (only 4 has this game now ) and I will get us our ut3 server next friday. I am setting up the site as of now but its open to the public and those that might be interested in joining as well. Other clan members are welcomed to hang with us as well. Anyway we will definitely be up and running as an active site with our own unreal 3 server, teamspeak, Ventrilo and possible more games and servers in the future. (Gears of War CoD4 and possibly Crysis, PC ONLY) With all of that said, here is our link, http://theminoritybrigade.net/index.php And my handle on there is [‡÷TMB÷‡]Neö-GeNö©yÐE. Additional info for those who may get this game in the future, Spces requirements for Unreal III. There you have it and thanks for stopping by!
  3. he is talking about the EVE screenpack.
  4. It is Finally here and ready for download! Installation and Support for this project can be found here, http://www.club-syndicate.net/v3.2/index.php?topic=5082.0 Main Page > Downloads Gallery > Screenpacks
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OB-I8EUuz5M http://www.meltybread.com/forums/index.php?topic=1158.0
  6. This was possible for quite some time. The things you will need are, 1. The game of course. "Ver B" 2. The latest game patch. click here 3. The app "MB Caster" which will allow players to directly connect to play. click here 4. A virtual drive (optional) .:Step 1:. Get the game and install it. if you happen to download it, (no I wont tell you where, ask your friend google), use a virtual drive like DAEMON TOOLS to install the game by mounting the image file to the virtual drive. After the game is installed lets do a test run to see if it works properly. When starting the game, a window similar to this will open, For better online play, its best to set the colors to 16bit. IMO there is really no difference ingame between 16bit and 32bit. atleast I dont see it, anyway if you want to play full screen, choose the setting i labled in the image. it will be set to full screen by default. I prefer windowed but thats just me. To configure your pad, click the pad1 button and set the buttons from there. After that click ok and your settings will be saved, then the game will load. Next after the game has loaded and the menu selection appears, hightlight and select option. In the option screen, highlight "StageBGType" and change it to simple. go to exit and close the game. With those settings the changes of a desync is very low and the game play will be much smoother. .:Step 2:. Ok, now we have the game working properly, we need to patch the game to its latest version. Download the latest game patch from the links above in this post, extract the files to the same directory the game is in. C:\Program Files\EcoleSoftware\MBACWIN then click the setup.exe and a window like this should open, if you extracted the files in the same directory as the game itself then there is no need to browse for the directory, click the apply button and the game will be patched to the latest version applying some minor fixes. Now when you play the game, it should say "MELTY BLOOD Act Cadenza Ver.1.03A on the topp left side of the window. If it doesn't, either you used the wrong patch or obviously flocked up somewhere. .:Step 3:. Now we have both the game installed properly with the right settings, and patched to its current version, whats left is to connect and play. In the links above at the start of this post, download MB Caster, the latest version from that link. Extract the folders into the games directory and remove the files from the folder named exe to the main directory. Now run mbcaster by clicking on it, you should see a window like this, The person who will act as the host needs to press 1 then enter. then you will see "Now waiting for access..." while thats going on , the host needs to give player 2 his/her ip so player 2 can connect to player 1. http://whatsmyip.org will come in handy at this point for a quick way to obtain your ip. Player 2 must press 2 then enter, then they will see " Input Target IP> When that is displayed, enter player ones ip and press enter. If a connection is made, player 1 should see a line asking to set a delay value, always use the recommened value displayed. press the delay number, should be either 3 or 4 then press enter. The game should start and go right into vs mode to select a your character. -Optional- A third Player can join the game but only as a spectator. To do that, player 1 and 2 must of already made a connection, then player 3 can enter player 1's ip to connect and observe player 1 and 2 fighting. Other than that, Happy Online Gaming!
  7. One down, one to go. I was referring to MFG after reading the changes and my conversation with Valodim.
  8. One of them released a custom screenpack on my site, He told me how to do such a thing.
  9. Nah, I am aiming for the flash version made by proxicide. I don't think so, I have the actual flash file, I will have to look again.
  10. So what I am seeing is this, Mugenguild is not a warehouse (as some say), its more open to the mugen community than before. Basically you guys are moving foward while some are still stuck in the past with the common law and such. I can understand that. Anyway like I said, I have a better understanding of the change now. I actually support it.
  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HVJk_mpr8QE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IGW0O1825E http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PD_LyKjSOSQ the info in youtube explains it all. Both are in beta stages and heavily updated from the vids before you.
  12. Alright. Your responses are starting to make the new policy @MFG more understandable. MFG hasn't really stooped so low like some say it has, but I see from what we have discussed, you are taking the approach to let majority of things that goes on handle itself without taking drastic actions. I actually like that method and it seems less stressful. Still some moderation will be needed but you have more than enough staff and many users that will quickly point out the obvious. Anyway I am glad we had this talk, I better understand how mugenguild operates now. I didn't fully get the picture at first but I think i got the better understanding now.
  13. I see, instead of taking action, you let the thread kill itself without lifting a finger. Makes sense. Still on another note, should be some sort of restrictions with this new policy? I mean I am not saying MFG should be as strict as some other places but there is, in my opinion, too much freedom with situations like the one we recently observed, also I know the situation between GwaPao and you when you were asked to remove a file sharing link with his works inside found at your forum. Dunno if it was removed or not, but anyway its almost to the point where almost anyone can get away with damn near anything as if it was nothing, in terms of mugen related situations.
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