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  1. I am trying to make a series (on youtube) called Inspector Gadget GX I am not a good 3d modeler so I a tutorial Look at this vid How did he do that?
  2. If someone could help me make the modles that would help, but I also need help adding them to my movies
  3. keyword "free" and besides, I'll make the models elsewhere
  4. Like(or close)to the ones in the Inspector Gadget Movies
  5. Ive used that program before but you would think microsoft would give you a program that actually works!! Yes.
  6. Anyone found any good quality free Speecial effects software?
  7. My name Welsh for Warrior, But I'm a Peace Lover
  8. John Travolta

    Comedy Toons

    http://www.youtube.com/view_play_list?p=AE7C3FEF30DA24F0 Comedy toons!
  9. Where can i find a decent inspector gadget character?
  10. Okay guys time to show the real me (1)I'm Not John Travolta (2) My name is Connor
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