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  1. ah, i dont think that works. I believe I found the line, anyway. Somethin like: Evil_Ryu/Evil_Ryu.def, randomselect, music=blablabla.ogg, etc.
  2. Well, I'm sure someone would, but the fact is that it takes MONTHS to make a character. Don't get mad, its just that no one has the time to do it. It takes forever, i mean it, configuring every motion down to the smallest millisecond. As for char requests, you cannot make any, as the forum leader does not want a warehouse in here, but I'm trying to change that. I sent him a PM, we'll know soon enough.
  3. You can change the AI in the def file of the characters. I'd tell you where if I knew, you just have to look around. I never bothered with it.
  4. Hey, everyone. Could someone perhaps supply me with a line for my select.def that has a character using a random stage? Remember, all screenpacks are different, and I cannot figure out, for the life of me, how to give a char a random stage in the Fighting Evolution MAX screenpack. Please help.
  5. Wizard: Sounds like a fighter right there. OP: Sadly, I'm not very good at ripping sprites and making chars. I only seem to have any particular talent in the actual coding and filling of the game (i.e. menus, little extra effects, etc.) which are things I'm sure anyone can do. I debug characters for a few people, and stages too, but other than that, I'm not much use...
  6. Can't correct you when you never made a statement. ;P Yes, it's quite simple. When you open a characters def file, it should say: pal.defaults = After the equals, you will generally find some numbers. These numbers are in correspondence to the list of palettes further down the def file. THERE NEEDS TO BE AT LEAST FOUR DIFFERENT NUMBERS. That was the problem I was having, when I tried to load a char with only three pal.defaults. Example: pal.defaults = 2,4,6 I changed it to: pal.defaults = 2,4,6,1 All I did was add a one. If you look further down the list in the def file, you'll see a list of "pals" and a number after it. Just use a number from there that isn't being used by the 'pal.defaults' line and you're good to go. Sorry for the long winded explanation.
  7. Interesting.... how did the Mack fail?
  8. Like I said, I never tried. All he characters either had NO order, or they had one.
  9. Sigh. How well do they work? They look, kinda, strange....
  10. That guy wasnt hard! WTF? He was easy as hell! In Fact, his name was OGRE.
  12. ooh, yeah, that sucks, I know. Also, I found the perfect thing to use for music. mp3s like to skip a LOT. instead, use a device called SUPER. It can change anything from one type of media file to any other media file, and many other things for FREE, unlike a lot of programs that CANT do it for MONEY. Transfer them from mp3 to ogg. Dont worry, you'll still have the mp3 (the new file will be named FILENAME.mp3.ogg)
  13. After I win, my character fades before I get my win pose out. But when the opponent wins, i can see the whole pose before it fades. I want to remedy that. Anyone know how?
  14. You know, I just found out today that the Ryu I have can double as an extremely fast Evil Ryu. Sweetness.
  15. Im trying to remedy that. Ive sent an appeal to GameCop himself.
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