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  1. Im sure if it were possible to do it that way there would already be a progam out there you not only need to load special files from the memory stick but it also needs to be in a special format.
  2. http://dark-alex.org/ there should be a program on that page that will help you.
  3. did you add hires=1 under [stage info] also mugen's resolution doesn't go higher than 640 x 480.
  4. don't resurect old topics to advertise your stuff we already have a thread for that -locked
  5. hmm they didn't say anything about the pricing of the pro (20 gig) wonder if they are going to discontinue it.
  6. the point I'm making is the is enough for people who are not realy downlading illegally. cuts down piracy a little and I can live with 250 gigs a month do you even realize how much that is and how bad it is to be using that much monthly?
  7. there won't be a ratio of 1:1 well unless you actually seed torrents or something.
  8. well with a larger disk format there is no need to compress as it would only make the game run slower.
  9. that last episode was weak. they took a perfectly good moment and just shat all over it.
  10. you can only make a magic memory stick and Pandora battery on a custom firmware.
  11. well since I get free rentals I'll definitely pick it up I'am also seeing that this is going to plenty of rents muck like AVP requiem did
  12. I predict they will start the main story at the end of summer and these fillers aren't as meaningless as you think
  13. but most of them will still buy the software, because the more people that have the device the more that are likely to buy the games. the other thing is that those that bought the psp for piracy wouldn't have bought one if it wasn't hackable.
  14. I would say it sucked though I wouln't also say its the best movie ever. so yeah 1 more move on my ok list.
  15. well America is a pretty big place but the US currency is the USD (united States dollar)
  16. there is no reason for it to look worse on the ps3 since it's being made to work on it first. people need to realize just how powerful the ps3 is.
  17. Or both of you could realize that the bolded sentence is just worded horribly.
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