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  1. post edited Its generaly better to link to the main page of a site also the first site is prety much useless
  2. places to find characters http://streetmugen.com/ R.I.P. http://randomselect.piiym-net.com http://mugen-infantry.net http://google.com ... *stickied
  3. the setting for this is in the system.def file you would have to edit it. ill check up on what to do exactly...
  4. Roberts gonna die?!? well yeah, of course he is
  5. You realize there is a topic right below this one explaing that dualis wont run commertial games right ?
  6. oohh yeah... Caps=bad Double posting also bad
  7. I alway does because it always is
  8. yup, but I heard that his story tells of how he lost his hind legs
  9. I dont watch much TV anymore. I mainly just surf the web now
  10. yeah it is kinda cheap but trilogy is still my favorite I hardly play the cpu anyway just usually play with my friends
  11. Prease dont revive old topics you can find it at http://www.mugen-infantry.net/ topic locked
  12. Why listen to fans when you can make more money by bringing in new players?
  13. What about the women who choose male as their gender
  14. ...and coming up next rosie Odonald... <-- selling point ;P
  15. here is what you need to do open your mugen.cfg file (found in the data folder) and scroll down to the bottom untill you see this: [input] P1.UseKeyboard = 0 P2.UseKeyboard = 1 ;Joystick type: ;0 - Disable ;1 - Autodetect (not reliable under DOS) ;4 - 4 button ;6 - 6 button ;8 - 8 button ;20 - Sidewinder ;21 - SNESKey ;22 - PSX pad ;23 - N64 pad P1.Joystick.type = 1 P2.Joystick.type = 0 asuming that you want to set the keys for player 1 you need to change the options to what I have here next open winmugen and choose options--> input config --> joypad config hope that helps
  16. go to options and cofig the controls then save...
  17. hmm this is very odd try redownloading mugen and the screenpack
  18. people have already created viruses for cell phones
  19. The one inside the character's folder. The folder and the def file must have the same name.
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