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  1. a simple .elf on the disk won't work..it's really guess work..I literally had to make a bunch of coasters till i found something right which in my case was a jakk 2 demo disk.try different game disks...Also I found this method worked on a version 5 but not a version 7 ps2.if thats the issue install on a friends ps2 and make an all version fmcboot memcard..you could also try calibration or cleaning the laser since this usually has to be done for a ps2 to read burnt media..Best of luck
  2. Wouldn't the 1.50 add-on help?I'm not having any issues myself on that one,as i am currently running mame4all, gpsp, stella, jnes and snes9x.
  3. If anyone wants this done and has a free official sony memory card..I'll be more than happy to do it.just leave me a pm.
  4. any chance of porting this to sdlmame? I tried copying the necessary source files from a matching version and ended up with a compile failure
  5. I've been sick of em for ages.. ATI = good hardware with bad software .Esp for opengl in linux.
  6. Anyone know why Robert posts a bittorrent client on a emulation board over and over, year after year??or will it run naomi 2 hardware in a future release too?..Lol
  7. pretty neat...drivers and patches available yet?
  8. Google is your friend http://bootleg.sksapps.com/tutorials/fmcb/...tall_guide.html
  9. So far we have: 007 - Agent Under Fire, Region = Ntsc (U), "driving.elf" = Jakk 2 - Demo, Region = Ntsc, "???.elf" = The jakk2 demo disk was NTSC-U..and the executable was suspiciously named boot.elf already
  10. Could be more than just ones video card...or drivers..could be faulty memory..find a copy of knoppix or any other bootable live cd that has memtest32..also try disabling agp fast writes in your boot-up bios if thats an option..also looking up information regarding your motherboard..try installing intels mobo drivers off their website...while your at it google for your problem and include your mainboard/graphics chip..and lastly check for bios updates for your mainboard..and be very careful with this..however read the changelogs on the bios updates that are available and see if your issue is mentioned...Good Luck
  11. Ever wanted to get rid of those annoying cps3 loading /rewrite times..it's simple...find a nocd version and run it in mame..then go into mames nvram directory and rename the appropriate nvram file to the game you wish to play.. example rename sfiii3n.nv to sfiii3.nv..if you're lucky enough to be using linux a simple soft link will work as well..Poof!!! no more waiting times
  12. I can verify that this does work on disks that don't have multiple binaries and the elf doesn't have to be on the root of the drive...i can also unfortunately verify as well that other bond games even with a driving.elf do not work..i managed to pull it off with a jakk2 demo disk of all things..best luck to all
  13. Anyone know where to find apache 1.1? can't seem to find it anywheres nevermind it's on http://www.sksapps.com
  14. I'm Having big time problems getting this emulator to run any selfboot .cdi .I'm curious if anyone else has gotten this rolling..looks like the sytem requirements are much less than the very nice nulldc and chankcast.. I suspect it's my flash.bin... anyone?
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