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  1. Sorry but firmware 4.20 and above means you must need Pandora battery to hack it....
  2. In my opinion is DeSmuME. It’s so cool and it did some major improvement and importantly the sound emulation its perfect than ever. Another cool feature it detects save type automatically, so there no chance to erase your data cause some game want to formats the data every time you start a new game and they don’t care what else in your data card.
  3. Well, I fix it myself. Actually you need to set ISO driver to m33 on VHS menu by pressing select (CFW only). But it’s little bit slow-down your game when various graphic effects shows, good thing is it’s not lag on world map only if you did convert/uncompress CSO to ISO. But Sony ISO driver is the best one I ever used, its only making problem on both version of Star Ocean. Please replay does anyone else face with this situation on your PSP. I need to know, why the problem only on my PSP.
  4. Hi, I am recently playing star ocean second evolution, the problem is when game over, I mean when the party fallen then a game over screen pop-ups after that the screen goes blank. Then there is no way to turn back to normal until I remove the battery from socket, not even if I hold down the power key. Surprisingly I encountered with the same problem on first departure. What actually cause this problem? I am using 5.00m33-6. And I also converted it CSO to ISO, for fast loading and avoid lag on world map. However first departure was on CSO. I did change driver on vhs menu but no luck. Is ther
  5. GTA 4 can be played with your recent card. With £170 you can buy enough cards for developing your own build game.
  6. Sound like your recent graphic card is strong enough for running latest release. Test here http://www.systemrequirementslab.com/referrer/srtest I guess your card may be successful on at-least recommended requirement. But some games not included here. Which card is next? Then you already know.....higher capability than this, you need money of-course.
  7. my screen seems fine. but some early uploaded videos are showing blank on both side and pictures on middle.
  8. Yes all M-33 firmware allows user to do update from their own network. I did mine 3.71-m33 to 5.00-m33-6. 5.00xxx is good for PSP release games, some homebrew gives error but still possible to run however.
  9. You need custom firmware to play psx games. There another link http://dl.qj.net/POPStation-PSP-v3.1-PSP-H...26997/catid/151 I think it’s safe to visit. First thing first you must owner of the game to play a back up on your psp. May be the software can convert direct from DVD drive or you can back-up your image file on your hard drive by using a image making software, then convert it again to E-boot format by using popstation. After you finish the convert process, you can delete the original back-up because you can uncompress the E-boot to ISO format anytime. place the E-boot on your game1
  10. There is a programme call popstation it can convert your original ps1 cd to psp eboot format. Try to search on the google. I am not giving link because it’s linked to adult site. For better psp game play (the games only release for psp) I suggest to upgrade your firmware to 5.00 (m33-6) And almost all the home-brew application which commonly use are compatible with it. But some psx game freezes on this firmware ex: final fantasy 8. And only meaning of custom-firmware is play backup games from memory stick without inserting your original UMD. is that 1.5 is custom or official? please make s
  11. Yes of-course my basic instruction is for normal/common devices on earth that connect with pc via USB and I believe your Samsung i8510 is one of them. Try to search on its official website. If you think Bluetooth is slow then your phone also supports WI-FI. It has ability to transfer data in high speed. But it is unclear to me you said that: you can't re-connect after disconnect. Why? Once drivers are installed properly then they stay permanently on your pc, no matter how many times you connect or disconnect.
  12. You need to connect your mobile to the USB connector before install the software from CD. Then your computer should display a message “found new hard-ware” something like that. If you are using Vista then it will allocate the driver automatically from online. And in XP may be you need the CD. Then press next after you select your CD. The process will begin shortly and it will access the CD several times during installation. Sometime your computer fails to detect the driver, in this matter select the folder manually from CD, and search for the USB driver. If didn’t see any notice after connec
  13. Well I finally installed the new graphic card. Whatever I did is uninstall the old card driver from device manger shut down pc. And then restarted again and entered the setup mode by pressing F10. I changed the graphic adapter to onboard, because it was on PCI by default. After that I pressed the F10 again for save and exit (the button may be different on other mother board instead of F10). Now the computer asking about that start on safe mode, normal mode and more option there. I did press on safe mode and the pc started. It’s not very bad looking without the graphics driver. Whatever I enter
  14. yes cfw 5.00 means you got an killer of home-brew. but you can still get to work some commonly used home-brew like bookr, cps1-2, neo-geo, snes, sega genesis. I did tested all these myself.
  15. re update to 5.00. Same thing happened to me before. but I did upgrade to 5.00m33-6. I don't know with official firmware. Make sure you back-up your save data.
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