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  1. I just received a weird Facebook message, not sure what it was all about so I logged in here. Things don't seem any different than they normally do. o_O
  2. My father made awesome pies, homemade apple and pumpkin. We had turkey, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, homemade stuffing, snack trays with vegetables such as pickles, olives, carrots, bread boat with dip, potato chips and dip, sweet potato mashed potatoes with marshmallows.
  3. I think it's typically referred to as Gonorrhea. Ninja edit: Damn too late..
  4. I just wanted to report that Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx has been released for all the Linux users on this forum. All releases (DDL and torrents) - http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ 32bits regular desktop (torrent & ddl) - http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ubuntu-10...386.iso.torrent - http://releases.ubuntu.com/10.04/ubuntu-10...esktop-i386.iso Digg the article here: http://digg.com/linux_unix/Ubuntu_10_04_Lucid_Lynx_released
  5. I bought Mirrors Edge and Assassin's Creed Directors Cut. Cost me about $15, I have to wait until tonight to download however.
  6. I detect spam.. I would think cows would contribute more than humans due to their size and what they eat on a daily basis. We also have clothes which absorb most of the payload and live in houses, where cows on the other hand roam naked freely in the pastures.
  7. About six or seven hours to New Jersey if driven straight, our earlier destination was about four or five hours away from where I live. Riding in a small cramped car is not fun especially when you have to share the back seat with your younger annoying sister who sounds like a cat scratching a chalkboard when she is singing along to her Kidz Bop CD.
  8. Prince of Persia (2008). It's not as good as previous POP games, battles are not as fast paced or engaged since you only fight one enemy at once. The world is huge, but the experience is quite repetitive so far. PC version glitches, Alika will sometimes get stuck in mid air, walk in the air or get stuck on the geometry, however it doesn't break the game in any way. PC version also has a memory leak and controls feel sluggish in some instances.
  9. Sort of hot, but big breasts are a big turn off in general to me. I like them no bigger than a B or C cup, any bigger just seems unpleasant and repulsive to look at..
  10. Sometimes my parents get spontaneous urges to go on short trips. Our last trip which was just over the weekend consisted of a ride two New Jersey after visiting my bro who is currently down by New York City. The traffic down there is horrendous in Jersey, we nearly got rear ended several times. The trip paid off in the end, a decent hotel and dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. I accidentally, well not accidentally ordered the Orleans Steam Pot not knowing it was blazing spicy. My mouth was on fire the whole time we were there. The ride there and back wasn't comfortable, cramped in a small car with my family the duration of the 4 - 7 hour trip.
  11. I've compiled and uploaded all builds for revision 3972, link to all Dolphin builds can be found in my signature. For the time being registration isn't required and guests are once again able to download, I decided to try allowing guests to download again to see how things go. I will also be updating my first post in this thread to contain more recent information, some of the links and information in the first post is outdated.
  12. Marriage between a man and a woman isn't by definition a religious thing, but tradition that has been passed down for several generations and exists among several different religions, the union of a man/woman even exists in atheism. The whole issue with gay marriage Is about not slandering or ruining the tradition by allowing something that was and is still not common among the majority of couples or families. If homosexuals (proper term) want some kind of union, let it be a civil union with the benefits of married couples, let's just not call it a marriage by definition. Usually a marriage is a sanctity between a man and a woman to prepare raising a family, through natural procreation. Artificial insemination exists solely for the purpose of a sterile male partner. Homosexuals can not naturally procreate since they are one in the same sex , thus have to turn to adoption or artificial insemination (if they are female homosexuals). When I say I am not the typical definition of a religious person or a christian, I mean I follow my own set of beliefs of what I think it acceptable and not anyone else. I hold a belief in a higher power or god, I hold a belief for my own relief that some kind of afterlife exists, that once you die it truly isn't the end. I also attend church on occasion when I get a chance, since worship, preaching, singing are all very good for the soul and help relieve stress. Also church for the community and gathering, helping out less fortunate people. However I am a bi myself, I listen to rock/metal music, and play violent video games when I want. I however don't smoke, drink, do drugs, and will never tattoo or pierce my body.
  13. I've heard of this religious group/cult, being a Christian myself (Not the typical definition of a "Christian") I was quite disgusted when I heard of this cult and the lack of respect they have, giving common well meaning religious folks a bad name to the general public.
  14. All builds for revision 3769 have been compiled and uploaded, you may use the link in my signature to obtain them or use the direct links in this thread/post at the Dolphin forums: http://forums.dolphin-emu.com/thread-2176.html Builds will be uploaded to my Skydrive about an hour after they are uploaded to the downloads section on my forum, so keep an eye on the link below if you don't feel like registering: http://cid-b8ece3275d590dda.skydrive.live.....Public/Dolphin
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