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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads

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I tried compiling a driver with all O's in place of the crcs........but i got an error and the compile never completed. (it was a long time ago when i was first learning about this stuff) So i might have just done something wrong.


give it a shot.


EDIT:....i just noticed you mentioned HEXING it o all Zeros.....well people here seem to say it works just fine.


so id say theres no risk at all as long as you Zero out the correct sections.

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Thanks to Prican, I got the hacked FBAX that has support for all the banned games. I didn't mess with this yesterday (KOF 2003...who cares about anything else?! :lol: ), but I am curious what I need to get those other games to show up on the list. Is it a specific set of ROMs?


BTW, I like how FBA seems to be running games like Metal Slug 3, KOF 2000, and KOF 2001. I have NEVER been able to get those working on Kawa-X. Are they not supported or something?



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kawa-x does support them so long you had the nd set with the original set. EG: mslug3.zip and mslug3nd.zip


another method for kawa-x was to make a fully decrypted set but you can't use it with fbax.


hopefully there will be a way to use fully decrypted sets cuz its less space to use and less time loading for fbax.


topic name changed and pinned :D

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