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  1. i posted this on the mugen forum but no reply. i wanted to know where can i get mugen for linux the last released made, i cant access the home page cuz it down and has been for a while. second is can i add characters from the dos version to linux version? if so how? thanx for any help i can get
  2. is it possible to convert dos mugen files such as characters and and bg to linux format for use with the linux version of mugen? if so what do i need and where can i find it?
  3. cool, thanx i guess that solves that question
  4. Anyone heard of meal slug 5 plus? suppossedly it has alternate endings and some new weapons. any 1 know where to find this?
  5. i thought the n3oghost pack had the crc's disabled but i tried loading kof2k3 and it said i had incorrect crc's. the other fbax that i dl with kof2k3 posted by recah (sorry if misplled name) worked great. keep on the topic- prican25
  6. PSO= Phantasy star online. There is a program I dont know what it is called but it was made by one of the gc dumping groups and with it u could dump the games. once u got the games on ur pc u can run another little program to network to ur gc and boot up any game u have on ur pc through the "broadband adapter". my frined even had it running from his xbox, that is he had the gc games stored on there. dont know how he did, so dont ask. i just know its possible. and no I dont mean he played then on xbox
  7. thanks for sending prican but for some reason i didnt c it as an attachment to dl just a big email
  8. i got them to work but the sound of kof 2k2 is messed up i used the m1 from 2k1 snd it loaded the game. the only problem the sound isnt right. i am guessing its cuz of the m1 file from kof 2k1
  9. I figured most of it out except i got a small problem with kof2k2 m1 file
  10. I did get the size info from that site. all files are same size as the ones listed i get the same error with ms 5
  11. I got kof2k2 i renamed the files and checked out the sizes kof2k2nd.zip (KoF 2002 decrypted : fully decrypted) : 265-p1n.bin -> 1 Mb 265-p2n.bin -> 4 Mb kf2k2_s1.rom -> 128 Kb 265-m1d.bin -> 128 Kb 265-v1d.bin -> 4 Mb 265-v2d.bin -> 4 Mb 265-v3d.bin -> 4 Mb 265-v4d.bin -> 4 Mb kf2k2_c1.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c2.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c3.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c4.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c5.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c6.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c7.rom -> 8 Mb kf2k2_c8.rom -> 8 Mb but when i try to load the game i get an error 265-p1n.bin (9381750d) what is it that i need to do to fix it? also for pim.zip i get can't load 266-c1.bin (e564ecd6)
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