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question to N3OGH0ST and whoever else that compiles: ok i know that fbax doesn't have support for n/nd sets but i've been wondering if its possible to use the same drivers fba pc uses for n/nd sets?


i remember N3oghost telling me he tried it for mslug3 and it failed but if its supported on the pc version, the driver should work on the xbox. its not always the case (kof2003 for instance) but i know theres gotta be a way.


just wondering if its possible cuz i for one want to use the least amount of space possible.


just to note, i ran romcenter with the pc fba dat and did notice that mslug3nd is indeed suoported along with many others like kof99nd and garoun :$$$:

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hmm it turns out most fba sets are just n instead of nd but one thing for sure was my c roms in kof99nd didn't work on fbax as kof99n so i'm getting the big daddy rom and see what it can fix. as for kof98nd that one worked fine as kof98n.


hdd space for me is small but some of us burn it too and those 70-80mb roms eat up space.


well turns out some or most n sets use the encrypted c's :)


man that sucks heh

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Hey, I need some help with the ROM paths. I'm trying to get FBAX to also look at my KawaX ROM directories, but it doesn't seem to be working. Here is what the ini looks like:


szAppRomPaths[0] d:\roms\


szAppRomPaths[2] f:\Emulators\KawaX_Hex\Roms\

szAppRomPaths[3] f:\Emulators\KawaX_V11\roms\


All four lines were already in the ini file, but lines [2] and [3] didn't have any paths. So I added the two paths for my KawaX emus. The [0] line is the path for the "roms" folder in the FBAX directory. In case you don't know, "d:" is the directory the default.xbe is launched from. I'm not sure what line [1] is pointing toward.


I tried putting the KawaX paths in the first two lines, but the emu seems to only be showing the ROMs for whatever is in line. So if I put one of the KawaX paths in line [0], those ROMs will show up, but nothing else.


So has anyone had any success putting multiple paths? BTW, the ini file is in the TDATA directory on E:. I can't remember the exact folder off hand (I'm not near my XBOX), but I think it ends in 504.

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i thought the n3oghost pack had the crc's disabled but i tried loading kof2k3 and it said i had incorrect crc's. the other fbax that i dl with kof2k3 posted by recah (sorry if misplled name) worked great.


keep on the topic- prican25

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