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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads

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On other forums, some people said using a unibios causes come graphics problems. if youre using unibios, change to a normal one.

Yea i had read that also, i just tested unibios (japan/arcade) and it seems to run fine although the Title Screen seemed odd, might be just me though.


EDIT** i notice that if you go to the FAR-RIGHT of the screen during a game, theres like blank space........kinda odd but that didnt have to do with it being Unibios.......might be the S rom im using...i dunno.


anyone else notice that?

move your character to the FAR-RIght of the screen..........

I tried it, and nothing strange for me. im using the standard s1 rom.

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whoa, i wake up and kof2k3 is working :D nice job but does this default add all the other banned/hacked games?


Edit: i too did noticed the white bar when playing the game, so i'm wondering where can i get the s1 mentioned in the readme?


also it does support the other games but i think it doesn't match the same rom names we got for kawa-hex eg: some svc roms are listed as 269-xx.rom and so on

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Yeah i check for the heck of it and you guys are playing it! I just got everything I wanted to work in hex so what do you think i will have to do to my poor kawaks for this game :D Im guessing after testing and all you guys will make a nice faq and all later so way to go guys and thanks for all your work! :)

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not all games are there :D heres what it does have extra

The King of Fighters 2003 bootleg (don't working)

Snk Vs Capcom Plus

Snk Vs Capcom Chaos

King of Fighter 2001

Power insctinct matrimelee

Metal Slug 5

The King of Fighters 2002

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I'm a little lost here; can someone help me on this?


I have the old FBA-X on my XBox (b3); when I replaced the default.xbe file, it just boots back to the evo x menu screen now when I try to load the emulator. Do I need FBA-X b4? If so, I have that downloading now.


Regarding the rom, what do you do with the new "P Mame" file? Just throw it in with the other files in the KOF 2003 zip and zip it all up? Rename it to the P1? Please help!! :D



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You can just place it in the zip file. no need to rename anything


N30ghost, im using the s1 rom that is in the readme file. dont have it in front of me so i dont know the crc offhand.


Hmm, well now that people know what to do with it, a build with all games support can be done. Then again loading two emulators to play the different games doesnt phase me, but having an all in one wouldnt hurt.

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