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  1. Huh? I cant see a option to change the "test" menu there. Current system: neogeo Redefine Keys: A - Button 1 B - Button 4 X - Button 2 Y - Button 3 Start - Start Back - Coin Left trigger - Button 1+2 Right trigger - Button 3+4 Black - Button 1+2 White - Button 2+4 Thats all.
  2. Sorry, i found it with filemirrors. There is no disclaimer or a hint that it was from DJBASE. Thank you for the warm welcome.
  3. Hello, first post here, hehe. here is a link for a hacked version of FBAx: DEAD Added romzips are: samsho5.zip rotdn.zip pim.zip sengoku3.zip mslug4n.zip mslug5n.zip svcplus.zip svcbl.zip kof2k2nd.zip cthd2k3.zip Enjoy! Now i got a little request if possible. I still need these files to run my games on this new emu. svc_p1.rom CRC E5794ACC rotd_p1.rom CRC BD7512D 265-p2n.bin CRC CB07680B svc_s1.rom CRC 3334AC31 svc_m1.rom CRC 7F01DAC5 261-p1.bin CRC e0d4bc0A It would be nice if someone can help me with this.
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