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  1. Reloaded is great. I can play the patched games that never worked for me before outside of my actual psx, like the Persona 2 Original Sin english translation, and the Final Fantasy Tactics patches. Just what I was hoping for. Thank you very much.
  2. of course you can make playstation discs, but the games still have to be in some kind of BIN format. if you wanted, you could make a bunch of pcsxbox discs with 6 - 10 bins on them.
  3. the dvd/rw of course is if you have a samsung. if it's not a pain for you, i'd FTP the emulator with the roms to the HDD first, so you know what you have and if your setup is correct.
  4. reeeeeeally? i guess it's moot for me until i give in and try to get another HDD
  5. i got a 120 about a month ago. filled it up with emus, games, and other media in about 3 days (filled meaning about 5GB remaining), so i ordered a 200GB online from the place that advertizes on that other site. they cancelled my order after a day with no explanation. jerks. i even got my xbox rechipped with a flashable chip just so i could use the G drive. but enough about my problems.
  6. i'd nabbed as many as i could when he put them up. of course that was before the new emu, but i had a feeling this would happen. but i've noticed that once something brings a sudden demand, those games are often reseeded soon. gl on that.
  7. Iso + Mp3's w/out cue: Easiest thing ever. If you have and know how to use nero, just make a mixed mode cd with the iso files already extracted. if not... Get Nero (I'm using 6.xx). Get WinRAR (Or any other Iso-extracting program) Extract all the files from the Track01.iso to your project folder (e.g. Metal Slug) Put All Mp3's in same folder (really doesn't matter where they are, just to lessen confusion) Run Nero, set up a "new compilation" which will be "Mixed Mode CD" --Default settings should be fine, but if you've changed them: --Iso Level 1 (Level 2 is probably fine) --Mode 1 --ISO9660 --"Joliet" checked on --"Allow path depth of more than 8 directories" checked on --"Allow more than 255 characters in path" Drag the contents from the iso (not the mp3's) into the "New" icon Drag the mp3's into the window underneath (it'll say TRACK, TITLE, DURATION..) "Burn Compilation" which is under "Recorder" OR just hit the icon with the match under a cd Done. it's worked with 10 games so far. and to be honest, i wrote this up reeeeally quicky, so i might have screwed something up. hope not, but i'm not checking. someone can find it if it's a mistake. I almost forgot. of course your xbox needs to be able to read the kind of disc you're going to use. it's good to be a samsung owner. Almost forgot this too. if you can make your mp3's louder before making your disc, i suggest you look into this. i had to make mine about 5x louder before i was content (i was happy at 8x, but that was me)
  8. i have a selfboot of CVS2. it's audio\data, with no IP.BIN. i copied it all to my HD in order to make new ADX audio files, which i did. now, i can't make it into a selfboot image again. it's not a filesize problem, as i kept the new songs to a similar size. what do i do to make it selfboot again? i plan to do the same with SFIII 3rd strike.
  9. if you've got money to buy games, you got money to rent them.
  10. it does sound like 'destiny of an emperor' for nes. capcom made it
  11. i got nine other bioses. i tried them out, and aside from the scph5000a freezing up the emulator, i don't think any of them made one bit of difference.
  12. i've never heard the author of the emulator talk about the other bios, so i don't think it's an option to choose which bios on the fly. i think we'll just have to switch them from the bios folder until he makes a better option. i'll try everything out once i get home. i'd been looking for these other bioses for a while, so i'm interested to see if they make a difference.
  13. during my time in thailand, i picked up a mild aussie accent. there's a whole tourist city out there just full of them, so it's not that bizarre.
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