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  1. This has inspired me to do "Blu-Ray Hero". I am making it entirely in BD-J java...The spec allows us to use 24-bit 4800Khz .wavs I anyone wants in hit me up! THANKS FOR THE INFO!
  2. I second that ...Bpairs is dedicated but has an ego in his posts... I worked with Bpairs about a year ago when he started into Coinops and it was cool....but his forum posts are harsh Nes if you can do the imposible with an current mame port that would be amazing Thanks for the coding everyone!
  3. sorry i dont have it anymore...wish i would have kept the file...this guy is selling it now...he didnt even make it
  4. What type of adapter is that? I have only used the ultimarc xbox-> JAMMA adapter...
  5. I got a NEOGEO MVS-2 at auction for 300.00 mint condition...original monitor and everything Then I got one of these... http://ultimarc.com/xba.php You need the Xbox to JAMMA adapter at the bottom...Then just wire your speakers through an amp...I made it so everything turns on with a wall switch. Then you get UnleashX dashboard and use the "scrolling wheel" design and make it have all your FBA-XXX roms launch directly with video preview...you can customize further by changing your loading screens to black to give it more arcadey feel...also I took retail games like Capcom Vs. SNK and Marvel Vs. capcom for Xbox and hex edited the Default.xbe so that instead of flashing "Press Start" durring the attract mode it says "Insert Coin"...Its just cosmetic but when the attract mode for these games is running now it looks exactly like the arcade attractt mode! After you get everything set up you can go back into Mameox or FBA-XXX and set it to safety mode so that no one can mess it up...these options were added specifically for us cab owners!
  6. Got it...I have just added it to my FBA-XXX games wheel ...it merged right in seamlessly!...ThunderBlade plays exactly like the upright arcade cab version...The controls are perfect!...Galaxy Force was a huge contraption of a machine when I was a kid...fun to play it on the neogeo cab so many years latr Thanx a million!
  7. Woah! I run my FBA-XXX inside of a MVS-2 Neogeo arcade cab with original Wells Gardner monitor! I have unleashX set up with the "Wheel" interface launching FBA-XXX games directly from command line with video previews...I am wondering how best to implement this new version into my customized rig...any suggestions? SWEEEEET
  8. 2 years of development on "CoinOps" and there is not difference from HK's 128 version. There was a lot of talk about fixing command line launching but that never happened...we still just keep going through a few pixel changes in background images....weak With Command line launching we get any interface we want and are not subject to "improvements" that are nothing more than background changes. Please implement command line and quit wasting your time within the old mameox framework wich you claim to dislike.
  9. Is it impossible with the current source? I heard that Bendermike is back ...maybe he has an idea for it? Thanks all! specially B-Pairs who may like mameox more than me even!
  10. is command line loading working yet?
  11. Thats a great idea...I already have my FBAxxx sorted out ...it is redundant to have them in coinops.
  12. I wouldn't believe anything that shit hole has as news. I got over-enthusiastic early in the morning after playing GTA4 for 14 hrs. Lol
  13. I am on MSN now...hit me up BP i can test right now.
  14. PS3news.com is leaking reports of an announcement to come this evening! Looks like the debug unit they got has paid off
  15. How far are we from seeing command line working?...That will be awesome Thanks BP!
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