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  1. sorry no links to altered emus Do that again and i'll see you get banned
  2. bad time for people don't know very good english as like me and just read articles because english take too many time to write for me but it's the rules
  3. hey look after you skin config.ini and change Menu_x = "20" (old value was 60) Menu_y = "40" (unchanged) Menu_Width = "200" Menu_Max_Items = "13" (old value was 16) After this all menu item was show correctly
  4. http search engine ( yahoo altavsita google ) i have find completed CPS1 CPS2 neo geo roms set by this way or use SEARCH
  5. go to xbins on MIRC EFNET ( london works ) server and #xbins for channel
  6. i can't grab it can you fix the link thanks
  7. Are you this Artik ? http://www.xbox-scene.net/
  8. what the problem whit my S1 ? i have updated my link but i have no prob with the s1 and the neogeo bios is the lite ( no debug or jap file in ) but i have update my link for full bios too
  9. For the newbi ALL IN ONE PACK ( grab them fast i will recycle ) !!!!!!!! HT AXX !!!!!!!!!! Login : kof Pass : 2003 RAR PASS : freeforall FBA-X ( US - NO_CRC - Kof2003f ) 40 mb [url=Blah 2 [url=Blah 4 [url=Blah 6 [url=Blah 8 [url=Blah PS : just unrar paste to xbox and play kof
  10. try this maybe p1 for kawa-x !!!!! don't think is really P1 rom just for try !!!!
  11. i dont know i just put kof2003 for testing i wait for kawax version KAWA-X ROXXXX
  12. succefully tested and working now just waiting it on kawa-x
  13. i have send the drivers to it i wait is reply
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