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  1. i need the patched S1 file, KOF2k3 gets up to loading but stops at this file. msg me/email at kusanagi_kyo_31@hotmail.com. any help is appreciated.
  2. im beginning to think that they are withholding the P1 on purpose
  3. Vermillion: he is talking about using multi-controllers with one game for games that play like that. for example, Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo where one person gets the dpad and l button while the other person gets b,a and r. this has nothing to do with netplay because netplay is like lan xbox games or pc lan games. i havent tried it yet either but i doubt it links and plays like that.
  4. FBAX is great but the problem with that is, the screen is so stretched that i cant see the far most left and right hand side of the screen. this is probably the video mode that fbax is set to, unfortunately thats the only videomode fbax has. kawa-x videomodes are fine, im able to see the entire screen.
  5. the best thing i could do was put it to coin but igr still had a problem cause we dont hold the controller the way its supposed to be normally held. i hold the d-pad part normally but i play arcade style with the face buttons. so my the controller has to be rested on somewhere, usually on my knee or if im sitting down on the floor, the floor. when i play, l or r buttons get randomly pressed and if i do a move with black (common on CPS2 games since theyre 6-button) then the system restarts cause of the IGR built in with Kawa-X
  6. kawa-x has a built in IGR, as mentioned in the readme or howto doc. i have evo-x set to start and back so thats not the problem.
  7. well, here's what i use for each format. CD= CDRwin with CDRwin, click on Extract (the white drive) to make a.BIN and.CUE for your CD games. you can then burn using this program, or, burn using Nero/Alcohol. You can even mount these to Daemon and do a CD > CD copy with your favorite burning software. DVD= Alcohol 120% this handles most images and imo is the best imaging software out there. if youre going to do this yourself then Alcohol 120% is the way to go. first of all, making an image for Alcohol is extremely simple, burning is just as easy. the first thing though that come
  8. there was always a HUGE problem with Kawa-X and that is the fact that EVERY button HAS TO have a button assigned to it. this makes playing games very hard because IGR button combinations are either LRBW or for me LRB. i dont play games holding the controller normally, i play arcade style so there are a lot of times when i accidentally press L or R and something comes out instead of what i want. im requesting a fix to where buttons could be assigned to no function like FBAX and also a fix with the in-game reset and change those buttons to start+back+black/white button. since most people u
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