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FBAx B4 - Help and Downloads

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Just wanted to let you guys know im workin on importing the decrypted sets from kawa-x (mslug3nd, kof99nd, kof2knd, s1945pn, etc)


so far mslug3nd and s1945pn are working as they should.


kof99nd - needs a lot of work (have yet to see it)

kof2knd - needs minor gfx fixes


rest - have yet to test.


just an fyi on what im workin on.


it seems that fbax requires the S roms from these sets unlike the pc version. they figured out a way to run the roms without the S roms........it seems that we still need them (ive tried using the pc driver init code) - everytime i loaded a rom i was missing the S rom stuff (lifebars, character icons, etc.


just a reminder.....all these games already run fine on fbax provided you have/ use the fully encrypted sets.


*so im not claiming to be doing anything extraordinary. Just trying to open up the compatibility and flexibility of the emu.

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Keep them coming N3oGhost! For someone who claims to be a noob you seem to know what's up. I noticed a few strange things in the readme on your v2 pack. The first and most obvious is the rom sizes on the kof2003f v roms. They are listed as 8mb, I think they are 4.


I also noticed alot of roms seemed to work even if they weren't named correctly. That struck me as strange. I figured the one thing the emu needed was for the roms to be named as the emulator expeced.


I spotted a few differences in the readme and I have a few suggestions if you are interested. I don't feel like shareing them here, as it might be considered off topic. If you want any input let me know.


Thanks again for the updates. :D

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yeah the readme was done on my part so sorry about the 8mb v rom for kof 2003 hehe


i too did notice that if it was called bin or rom it would load. i noticed this with kof2k3 when i added my s1 which was bin


Edit: i found out why it would accept the rom being either.rom or.bin; if you changed or have the right crc, it will load it by crc but if both are wrong it doesn't load at all.

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Added the Prehistoric Isle 2 (fully decrypted set) to the build (preisl2n).


the only drivers that are giving me issues still are:

kof99nd (not working)

kof2knd (gfx errors)

garoun (gfx errors)


other than that, its pretty much complete as far as importing kawa-x to fbax.

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Ok heres a new release by N3oGhost


FBAxGH0ST v2.3:


Project D Objective:

- To import fully decrypted sets locked out of fbaxb4/4.1.


garoun - Garou Mark of the Wolves

mslug3nd - Metal Slug 3

kof99nd - King of Fighters 99

kof2knd - King of Fighters '02

s1945pn - Strikers 1945 Plus

preisl2n - Prehistoric Isle 2


Project Status: 67% complete

garoun - complete b2_3

mslug3nd - complete b2_1

s1945pn - complete b2_2

preisl2n - complete b2_2


kof2knd - incomplete (minor gfx errors)

kof99nd - imcomplete (does not work)


Enjoy your light version of garoun now with this updated xbe (as well as the other completed sets for those new to Project 'D'


Included is the S rom necessary to run it correctly.




Thanks to James for the S rom


as always, pm me with your email and i'll send the default + the s1 for garoun


or aim/msn me for it as well


expect a post at newsgroup tonight

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hi guys ive been reading this formum and great stuff...!!


now there is something that doesnt quite work. my friend and i both have the same xbox and we downloaded the package of reckah of all in one, super great, nubies now, totaly free kof2k3 for xbox.


well it works on my friends and not on mine!

we have the same xbox and the same emus...... and i already tried the clock trick and nothing, nada/. it reads the emu as fbacedx and when i click it goes to NOW LOADING... and if frezzes. ive seenit work already on my friends xbox and terry and ryu apear and u load the game and lets go! but not on my poor latin xbox and am runing out of ideas.. is there any other trick i can do on the xbox or something for it to work and i can be as happy as my friend right now playing kof2k3 on his big, fat and wide 36 inch screen!!!!! (i hate him by the way) :D


thanks for helping and for posting answers to does who know nothing!

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