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The Ressurection has begun....

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Don't know if we can. It's got my name, but I didn't create the site. I'll have to look into the possibility. That may be more load on the server than we care to have, but maybe it can be capped. It won't be as good an alternative to MU, but if it works it will still be faster than the torrents themselves if the end-user is smart about it.




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Hey RX,


So if im to understand it right some *@?! sabotaged your spreadsheet and there was no backup, then they reported the MU links so they got removed....


So then the threads relating to who did this were removed? nobody knows who it was? Maybe it was al qaeda, this has all the hallmarks of a "terrorist attack" except nobody has the balls to own up to it? Who would do such a thing? It was 3d boxart related?


I've been seeding the SNES collection since I got it but my ratio is still terrible not enough ppl are downloading my seed, im gonna get blocked soon. I'd hate to see the extras go not with a bang but a whimper, that would be a travesty!


My point?


Don't let this stop you feeling proud RX just because some immature person spat their dummy out. You did a great job and it is appreciated. My advice would be to "regroup" in time for the madmab releases then people can see the true glory of the xtras in action. We have a bit of time till then don't we?


Time enough for a final push once you've had some time to sort out your real life? (good luck with the move, job hunting etc!!!) Im sure with a project like this its just a matter of time till you get your motivation back. Man its so shit what happened im pleased you're still around many others would have just said fu** it im off. Really pleased you didn't do that!


Im sure if we rally the troops we can make sure this gets out there to everyone, we just need to get the momentum back, a wheel fell off back there but we won't just leave the ferarri as if its a wreck gotta get that beauty rollin again!


Im so gutted about the PSX configs, that really would have been the jewel in the crown :(


Still thanks for everything RX once this is all sorted and combined with the wide icons (on my xbox) the old black box truly will be a thing of beauty and the all love that went in to it will show in the final product.


If there is anything I can do just let me know....

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PSX configs will be posted. Everything but the images will be made available for that system. You'll just have to find and rename the images, or rename the Xtras to match the images if you'd prefer.




I'm over that HS thing. For sure it was 2 members there that did it.



Tough crap for them though. Their stuff is already out there as part of their project and there's nothing they can do to stop it. I've already confirmed that the torrent host won't delete it at their request. Even if they did, we have our own system as a backup.



If you or anybody else were interested in getting this put on any private trackers where all the content isn't against the rules, please be my guest. I'd also like to see people put this on Pirate Bay and other public trackers as well.


Anyone is free to use my work, put it anywhere, and improve on it. :(




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Be on the lookout for a TG16/CD set coming your way soon :(


heads up resx, the link in file info for the art work/roms set torrent goes to virtual boy content

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Oh.... whoops.... I should probably just delete that link and tell people to click the button. I forgot I had it in two spots, so while all the buttons work the "HERE" links for every one I updated is pointing to Virtual Boy :(


Thanks for the heads up.




Oh.... be sure to read the system specific stuff to find out where to put the CD stuff. It's a bit more complicated to how I broke up the artwork from the other ones, but unlike the others, the CDs were nearly 5,000 files on this one and were the things I needed to separate to get it to work.

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Scummvmx and N64 are out now. There are no Xtras for these. This is just my own personal collection for these systems.


Scummvmx has 46 games and N64 has over 300.


The Scummvmx contains a collection of point and click games like Goblins 1-3, Broken Sword, Monkey Island 1-3, Sam & Max and The Feeble Files. It also contains many ancient games that you had to type commands like Kings Quest 1-4 and Leisure Suit Larry, but you'll have to figure out how to rig up a USB keyboard to use any of them.


It also contains any copyright protection codes to break on the 4 or 5 games that need them.


Emus I use for these will be collected with all the skins in future torrents. I thought that I'd be able to have a single emu torrent, but that was just as foolish as thinking I'd have a single Xtras torrent. The Nintendo section of emulators alone has nearly 6,000 files, and that's after zipping all of the cheats and skins for NES's ZSNESXBox. I may not even be able to put the Nintendo in one single torrent on its own.


Look for about 3 to 4 Emu torrents coming soon when Madmab is done. FBL 1.4 from kenshiro and a new Surreal64 from FreakDave are also in the works, so I'm also waiting on them.




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