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  1. Would love to..... I'm not on the "friend's list" anymore..... I wouldn't have an idea where to find it. Thanks for the tip though Phil..... BTW... if you're looking for good PSX Role Playing action, Azure Dreams is a great way to burn a week's worth of free time. Even though it's like 15 years old now, it is so different from anything I played before that it keeps me coming back for more. Just starting to "sand" my shield and hoping I can get a "Trained Wand" to start sanding..... I've got a few of the rare monsters to summon, but looking forward to having the REALLY rare ones on the higher floors.
  2. Hey T, I forgot how to do a lot of that stuff on the PC after I left the scene. All I know is that I'm playing two PSX games in what I believe to be the latest Madmab Edition release of XPORTs PSX emu for the XBox. It seems that I can copy the memory card (*.mcd) from the first game to the second easily by renaming it, and Arc the Lad II recognizes it and all the saves on it, but it just won't load the save and copy the data to the new game. It's all done within the one emulator though. It's just really a bummer since I spent so many hours making sure I got everything important in the first game. There are scenes and quests you can't even attempt in the later two games if you didn't get everything in the first game. It's really cool that the 3 games are tied so close together, but not so cool if you're using an emulator that isn't designed to make this feature possible.
  3. Hello everyone, I recently had a little time to play games and I got all 4 romancing stones, as well as at least 1 of every accessory and level 60 on all of the characters. (I didn't realize I could have been leveling the summons instead of the usless NPC Chongra becomes in 2..... my bad). So... after a little tinkering I realized that I could delete the 2nd memory card for Arc the Lad II and copy my memory card from ATLI and rename it so it will show up in II. I start ATL II up and I choose convert. On the 2nd memory card, it shows my "finished" save, and the other saves that weren't finished say "game not finished", or something like that, and they're not selectable. (So far, so good.... right?) I choose my finished save. For a few moments it says "loading", but then it says "checking memory card" and goes right back to the list of saves. I assume this isn't working right because I hear that you should be able to start the 2nd game straight from this option when it accepts the conversion. I'm too afraid to play through 20 or so hours of gameplay only to find out it didn't work, since there are no early indicators in the game. Has anybody ever had any luck doing the conversion on the XBox? I'm using the Madmab version of PCSXBox that was out around 3 years ago when my sets were first released to the public. THANKS!!!!!!
  4. Good for you BP, Looking forward to an all in one emu. Hope you make it easily configurable to the masses desires when you make it all come together. Who needs 1 of me who verifies everything is perfect when you've got 20 others who can spare a few hours a week. Later, ~Rx
  5. Why don't you just treat other people with respect and it will be reciprocated? I recommend "How to win friends and influence people" by Dale Carnegie.
  6. That's all? You're missing support for like a billion games????
  7. I'm pretty dumb at hardware and would want to find a local guy to upgrade the board. If I ever find one, I'll let him know. Thanks for the tip.
  8. Hey X-COM and Loaded are the two I've never gotten working good. They both work somewhat, but have enough problems that they're not worth playing for me. Sucks.... because they're probably my two favorite old PSX games. (even though I'm a huge Final Fantasy fan, I missed out on those games on the PSX because of budgetary reasons back in the day). X-COM supposedly works great according to Sotu, but by the time I finally got around to asking him what he did, he hasn't been around the scene for about a year. Loaded plays just fine, but the CDDA music doesn't work (scratching and farting noises only when turned on). The music really makes that game. X-COM can be played just fine now on DOSXBox, but you really need to use a USB mouse/computer to play it. It's just not the same. The PSX port of that game did an awesome job configuring the controller perfectly to do all the functions you used to have to point and click to get working. Good luck to ya if you can get them working right, ~Rx
  9. Plenty of games don't work. Only 2 that I'd like still don't work.
  10. Playstation can be nice. Lots of games work, but lots of games don't.
  11. Congrats on the release man! I was going to work on DOOM Wads on Dosbox but was directed to your thread about this project and it just didn't make any sense to put any effort into that when there would be an XBOX port that could support online multiplayer. Wasn't expecting anything this quick! VERY COOL! ~Rx
  12. The fact that this was a friendly thread by me and the way you behave in it speaks volumes of the truth of the situation. No games or tests necessary.
  13. Why are you so insulting all of the time BP? This was supposed to be a friendly thread.
  14. I wish I was in law enforcement BP. I'd love to do a case study on you when you finally go full blown Norman Bates.
  15. Wow Deja Vu.... Feature is nuked.... There's a surprise... How many times has this happened before? How many times have we shared this little dance? Here's the steps.... 1. I compliment you. 2. You reciprocate by insulting me. 3. Others jump in to insult you right back. 4. You "nuke" two features you haven't even been able to figure out for 4 years. lol.... and people wonder why we couldn't work together.
  16. That's just it man... you are way to sensitive.... "Bite the hand that feeds"???????? When did I do that? I think until the last few posts I wasn't doing anything but praising you and giving the shit here and there. I'll give you a little advice I've given my brother recently....... The world don't revolve around you, and 9 out of 10 times, that's a very good thing. I'm not out to get you man. I'm not here to insult you either. Stop being so sensitive and paranoid. You were the one who started pulling out claims of who downloaded what more first. Just keep that to yourself with me in the future. We're all friends here. Take a freakin compliment when it comes your way without getting all drama queen about it.
  17. The only problem is that nobody can ever find your stuff. Too many things that CoinOPS can't do for the emulator consoles. It's the best for Arcades, but it's missing way to many features on the console emus for me to bother with it for anything else. Funny how you're starting another argument with me and insulting my work again when I came here being nice to you. Even more funny that I'm still surprised every time you do this.
  18. There is no "Rx Build" for any MAME stuff. There is simply a collection of roms with the dupes and non-working games cut out. I pretty much lost interest in MAME years ago when I teamed up with Madmab and Gilles and we could actually work together to make some great things happen. That just couldn't happen with us, and I was tired of beating my head against a wall. We've got nearly 10,000 downloads covering all systems since the Xtras 1.0 were released. Not bad considering it's only been a few months out now and you've been making releases for at least 4 years. I'm sure we'll catch up someday.
  19. meh..... it happens when brilliant instructions aren't out there for everyone to use. We're to busy working to write all that stuff up now, right? The people who are hardcore OCD into MAME will find the most up-to-date version with all the bells and whistles, and everyone else who's lazy will probably just grab my old and lame collection with an old emulator that probably works fine 95% of the time or more on games they want to play. No offence to you, quite the contrary actually...... Since you're one of the only two coders around today that seems to be in it for the long haul, I give my thanks to you for continuing on your work. Someday I will upgrade again on my own rig. I'm just too busy with other stuff myself. I always enjoy seeing the updates when I get around to upgrading. Later, ~Rx
  20. The best 2-D scroller ever made. May have been improved upon in later releases, but for it's time, it was the perfect "Metroid" game.
  21. I know I missed a lot, but you'll be doing this forever man..... lol I'm just joking. I'm sure you got a life to get back to at some point too. No worries about the thread dying. I'm just talking man. Thanks for the work and it's always cool knowing that you're still working on this stuff. I know you love the haters too. Keeps business booming, right? Haha... we should find that old thread where we bashed the shit out of each other for like 12 hours and show it to everyone here Later, ~Rx
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