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  1. hi, is there any way you could provide new links? the links are dead....thank you
  2. i know but there hard to find and the modchips i can find cost £30 plus shipping.... if they were cheaper i would consider it this box has no leads or pads either so i might take the rom out and bin it if you have the following games you can softmod it again GAMES SOFTMODDING SUPPORTS: 1. James Bond - Agent Under Fire 2. Splinter Cell 3. Mech Assult - 1st Release
  3. many thanks for all who was involved in updating this fantastic emulator. thanks again
  4. Any info on the unreleased r3 files or the new bp form site?
  5. thank you for replying. i did a reinstall of all files and it now works. thank you
  6. Hi BP, I've downloaded your coinop2 full built (blank's upload) but I'm just getting a black screen after the splash saying press any key. I've already transferred the save file to udata but no luck. i've also removed the "babe" files in udata and tdata folders in e partition to restart coinops but still getting the black screen. can you or anybody help me? ps thanks again blank for your upload of coinops2.
  7. I know many of us been waiting for a xbmc integrated into coinops which you've promise for the last couple of years. even though were not posting doesn't mean we don't want it, once again you have been saying there will be a release for years.
  8. thank you NEIL222 i like your style in creating skins.
  9. go to http://www.ressurectionxtras.net/ for the info how to get invited to underground gamer site. (You'll have to find somebody to invite you) join mIRC and ask
  10. Bug report: logitech wireless controller won't work with the emulator i tried several times restarting console and starting up the emulator but once i load the emulator my controller stops working I also want to thank you for sharing with the xbox community over the pass several years. you will be missed
  11. does anyone know the biggest hard drive the xbox console could handle without corruption?
  12. i have a 250 gb hard drive in my console but i'm going to replace it with an 750gb. Also i have a 2tb nas streaming all my movies and tv shows.
  13. you have to rename the loader.xbe to defualt.xbe to make it work. It's basicly the same but has the rendering info showing on the top left corner of the screen. and also a slight naming info update to the gui (not really noticable) my opinion not really worth the download if you have the sureal64 5.1 and monkey64(i think that's his name) updated surreal.ini
  14. yes, i second that i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music. I Third that I notice same problem in Final burn legends when i add videos. i hope nes figures out the coding to have an option to turn off vid sounds while background sound plays.
  15. yes, i second that i hope Nes has time to add the option. i never like how it interrupted the background music.
  16. thank you NEIL222 for your skin this is the best skin for final burn legends, thanks again.
  17. hi, nes awhile back i tried to use zsnexbox 3.5 with video previews. but i ran into a problem it would play the video once then go to slide show of the screenshots but when highlighted it again it won't play the video again just the screenshots? maybe a existing problem that your aware of but i just wanted to make sure your aware of it. (if i'm doing something wrong then sorry for the post) your doing a great job with both Final burn legends and Zsnexbox (best emulators on the xbox)
  18. hi what is the latest standalone release given out so that i could try to find it on the internet, please. maybe you could just release the standalone versions only if you can't release the full showcase? try using megaupload.com its very easy to upload to their server and you could do it for free and the site will provide a link to the file. steps: 1. sign up for a free account 2. download the free tool bar 3. login using the tool bar 4. click the upload botton on the toolbar in your firefox or ie and upload file 5. when complete it will give you a link to your file. and also just a thought if you want it to be a easy plugin type then maybe use the latest mame roms release so that if someone downloads a standalone then the only thing is to download the latest release which is mame 0.136 rom set
  19. hi, even though i like the emulator coinops..please if you are not planning to release something don't keep posting about coinops(for example: just add this game..next post added another) please
  20. I hope this means your going to continue working on coinops (meaning releasing to the public) many of us enjoy your emulator showcase package.
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