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The Ressurection has begun....

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Hey punika,


Goldeneye actually had quite a few sensitivity issues in Surreal, at least the last version I played.


FreakDave says that the sensitivity is much better in his upcoming release. :D









DaphneX is out. It's a full emu/rom/config torrent since I couldn't separate the media from the emu and the author wrote that 7 years ago and probably isn't available to fix it.


21GB, so the entire set is only recommended for those with big hard drives and want to help seed this stuff forever so it's never lost.


For everyone else, you should grab Dragon's Lair 1 & 2, and Space Ace. If you like them, go and grab more ;)

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DaphneX is great, especially like rx said, Dragons 1, 2 & Space Ace. :D

Pity the emu was never fully fixed so Cobra Command can be played without having to

clear your cache out everytime you load it.

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Thanks for reminding me about Cobra Command. I wondered why I still had the game but had the icon blocked on my set up. I did the Daphne stuff about 4 years ago, long before I was keeping any compatibility lists.


That reminds me.... I do have any config files that are made on the initial run that greatly speed up the game start the first time for everyone.


It's possible that these files screw you up with a different TV, but I doubt it. Just in case, sorry if this happens. I'm not sure what the function of these initial config files are overall, but I remember that it takes the emu foooooorrrrrrreeeeeeeevvvvvveeeeerrrrr to make them. Hell, I don't even remember which folder it is that it makes now. I just remember that the first time I played without having read any instructions I thought I'd never play the emu because of how long it takes to get a game running. This is just the inital run though. Subsequent runs probably take about 90 seconds before the game reaches a playable state.


Anyways.... like Neil confirmed, you should definitely try the emu with just those 3 games first if you've never heard of it before or if 21GB scares you :)


It's really cool seeing how inventive people got with arcades back in 1983 when they had very limited resources. There's really not much to these games coding-wise compared to the newest console games out there for sure, but in about 1991 when I first saw them I thought they were new. It wasn't until I came here that I realized that I was dumping quarters into a quarter-eater that had been invented in 1983. Who'd have believed that in 1983 they were playing games with 1.40GB of info on them back when carts at home were like 6kb?


The shooters are pretty cool too, I have to admit, it that Roger Corman sort of way.


He made Munchies, by the way..... A total rip-off of Gremlins, and a really crappy one to boot. Pretty fun watching with friends who love to hate movies that horrilble like I do. Lep in the hood, up to do no good.... ;)

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That initial loading time (1st time only) that takes about 8-10 mins or so, is when the scenes all get parsed together,

so that subsequent plays will play fluidly without having to load that up again.

After that I find the emu generally loads in about 40 seconds or so (some are quicker).

Really is incredible they put this out in the 80's, back then it was mind blowing compared to other games

of the era...

Definetly worth checking out.

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Wow.... when UG has been down as long as it has been it makes the fact that koolbrez deleted all 100GB of our MU links even that much more lame.


Hopefully they're back up again soon. Looks like it's a server change. Hopefully everything is all good when they bring it back up.





SegaCD will be the next release hopefully in the next week or two. I will also be releasing .CUT packs that will have full cuts for every game included in the XTras if you followed my file structure. There will also be packs for making your own cuts, but there will be manual work needed on your end to get them all working if your emulators/roms aren't where mine are.

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Oooooh... SegaCD. I read somewhere that the segacd torrent was going to be 36GB. Is that true? I remember when the old eurogamer site was releasing all those complete collections years ago. I got almost all of them, changed the region on the japanese and european discs and burned as many as I could. You can just burn and play sega cd images and put them in a real machine and they play just like originals. Same goes for turbografx 16 cd games as well by the way, but I've never had an actual machine to try them on.

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I remember when the old eurogamer site was releasing all those complete collections years ago. I got almost all of them...


you and me both bro... almost had em all too.


side note... i'm lookin through my saturn games and just found out that my guardian hero's w/ everything is worth $100.00!! :D even opened!!

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cba why do you use my skin work again :D and without my persmission im sooo angry lol


you want this one as thats my version lol heheehehe newbe

the below image isnt mine, you need to go back a few more years....your a joke dude anther owned moment for me to have fun talking about with people



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