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The Ressurection has begun....

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It is a shame ScummVM hasn't been updated by someone out there. The sources are there we just need someone willing to compile it. If my Wii can do it why not my Xbox?


Hey Res, any ETA on the sega cd torrent? Or are you working on some other way to distribute things... I've made a ton of room on my hard drive in anticipation for this.

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I am having jst a couple of issue with Neogeo pocket.


I have set the defult directorys to point to the media folder, it all appears to be mapped fine, but i do not get any boxart or videos.


I know i am doing it correct as every other emu is mapped the same and works fine displaying the boxart and video...



also on youtube on gilu0999 video he selects a game and on some the commercials play. I cant get that to work on any.

am i missing a setting out somewhere?

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Hmmmmm..... don't know what to tell you man. I haven't tried any of the new betas for quite a while. You might want to ask around and see if anybody else is having this problem with NGPC.



To show the commercials, you have to replace the movie with a commercial instead to get it to play. There is no way to configure the emulator to play the commercial instead. If you do that, you should just do it on your XBox though so you don't break the seed.






Look for my .CUT files and my CoinOPS R5/FBL 1.3 collection soon. I'm just waiting on the last of the 3D boxarts for MAME and then I can get them done. All that's left after that is PSX and the emus and I'm outta here :)

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Look for my .CUT files and my CoinOPS R5/FBL 1.3 collection soon.



What are .cut files? i looked it up but only come up with this... .


"CUT files reference a color palette that is stored in a separate .PAL file; this allows users to change image colors without having to modify the CUT image files; without a PAL file reference, CUT files display as grayscale images."

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CUT files are references for XBMC to a specific rom on a specific emulator,

so you can add your roms collections to XBMC

and browse them with XBMC

and launch the roms directly from the XBMC.






There also is a tool that can create them for you, so you don't have to make them all by hand.





If you want more info, google for "XBMC CUT FILES"

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Yeah..... got a problem with the MAME cuts that I forgot about.


They all only show the crappy MAME zipfile name right now. Going to need to figure out a way to make a batch that will change the MAME name to a readable name, otherwise there are 2,058 cutfiles with gibberish names. Anybody know how to get this done?




EDIT: Basically, what we need is a way to convert 2,057 *.CUT files and 2,057 *.TBN files from their short MAME names to a list of full names instead.

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