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  1. Yeah if you can contact IQ_132 that would be awesome, as he's great with updating adding drivers etc. I love playing coinop's on my xbox atm, its such an awesome package. I would love to see some fixes for games that are already in, or games that could be added later.
  2. Yeah that would be great, I love coinop's as it and having a fully working "golden axe the revenge of death adder" on xbox is a great thought.
  3. Here is some xbox icons for you, I made the coinops mame and golden axe remake myself, I chose golden axe remake cause it is one of the best bor games that you can get on xbox. Also I added some 2 icon's that I altered, I believe the original author for the neogeo and gameboy was "xboxer!" from xbox scene , I changed the backgrounds so they aren't transparent. I added the neogenesis icon, and changed font to say megadrive because some people in eu and jap prefer to call it megadrive here is icons, maybe someone will like to use them. coinops mame golden axe remake (really good arcade mod) neogenesis (changed text to say Megadrive) neogeo pocket gameboy consoles just rename them to default.tbn and put into the emulator folder if you want to use Thanks
  4. Hi there I have a few video's I would like to make for my coinops collection videos, I heard about a programme that can covert video's to xmv files but I have looked for ages and cannot find it anywhere Please can someone send me it via a pm or anything, also what resolution does the file have to be in order for coinops to display the video corectly? Any info would be great thanks
  5. Ahh I see so you have to rename the screenshots and xmv's to MI_1 MI_5 , etc the same name as the pointers for each rom? yeah a pack would be great with all the midway stuff in and in Thanks so much for this update emulator, it really is great
  6. Hi there How do you get the screenshots and xmv showing on the midway games on coinops inferno? it shows on all the games but not midway games, do the video's go in another folder? I'm also having problems running few midway games such as narc and mk2, I have mk 1 running fine though Also do you know where I can get video's xmv for (raiden fighers 2 2000) and (shougun warrior)? Any help would be great thanks
  7. Thanks for replys guys, I managed to test discworld and your right it runs great, some of the speech stutters a tiny bit, but I think you need to tweak the sound options abit and you can get it running near perfect I think. I believe someone said they got adventures of lomax running perfectly, but I tried it and I get no music and buzzing noise, I tested the ntsc version anyone can confirm which version they use and how they get it running perfect? cheers
  8. I came here to suggest some good games to add to pcsxbox, and even add them to PSXtras, some of these games never had releases outside the ps1 so would be very nice to see them on pcsxbox, and to play them on the xbox. I find that 2d games seem to work best on the xbox. just haven't had chance to play them. Has anyone tested them? and does anyone know if these games work? Discwold 1 Discworld 2 Nekketsu Oyako Adventures of lomax real bout fatal fury dominated mind And if they do work, how well do they work is the music all there? if not is there any way to fix them to make them perfect? I played "Rapid Reload" on a friends xbox but unfortunatley it dosen't have any music while the game is playing, anyone know how to fix this? thanks guys
  9. I love the Coinops emu, but how bout adding more arcade games to the list, like the "Gunmaster" ? or I belive iq_132 did actually do a driver update for the system 32 game "Golden Axe II" but it never made it in the new release. maybe u can contact him and ask him if he has anymore drivers floating around that could make it into a new release? It was getting really good when u guys were working together and adding more features and games. Thanks
  10. My favourite is the Golden Axe Remake, it plays really well and even better than the arcade game. Problem is I hate it when the level 4 music starts half way through level 2, wish there was a way to fix that.
  11. Having a hard time trying to get the mame xtras video pack, finally found it a while back then it got deleted so am trying to find that one again. Really love the ressurectionxtras all the hard work went into making them. Btw is there a amstrad xtra's pack?
  12. Can't belive how far this has come, really many thanks to the people who make updates for this, its really good and n64 emulation on xbox is becoming so much better and enjoyable
  13. Possible to add this game "Real Bout Special Dominated Mind " Best fatal fury game ever, only ported to playstation 1, And also is very arcade themed game, with 2d sprites great anime cutscenes and awesome music.
  14. I think Bor as it fits well with the style of arcade games
  15. Thanks for the info guys. Looks like I'll have to try out the ps1 versions. Is a shame Scummvm isn't updated to play them.
  16. I have a questions please can someone answer me, I am looking for the Discworld games Discworld 1 and 2, does anyone know if these games work with any of the RessurectionXtras? which emulator do I need? and are they included with any of the packs? Any info would be great thanks? The time and effort gone into this looks incredible thank you for these, I'm looking forward to play the RessurectionXtras
  17. Lovely looking skin, I wanted a skin that said Megadrive also since it was originally called megadrive in japan and europe. The name Genesis always reminded me too much of that band with Phil Collins Its those americans always have to change things
  18. Can't register at the site, says it has reached its maximum user limit..
  19. Cosmic carnage? Galaxy fight? Monster maulers?
  20. An xbox port of ScummVm would be the best, and a new Neogeo CD emulator. The thought of playing all those adventure games like Discworld perfectly, and playing those Neogeo cd games with awesome soundtracks is just an amazing dream.
  21. I would love to play the point and click games perfectly on the xbox, would be great to play Discworld 1 and 2, monkey island and broken sword games.
  22. ----------------------- R5 Build ----------------------- Pole Position (Now Playable Properly) Pole Position 2 (Now Playable Properly) Hangon (Now Playable Properly) Super Hangon (Now Playable Properly) Hydra (Now Playable Properly) Double Dragon 2 (speed hack added) Party Time : Gonta the Diver II ( fixed Now Playable) Rad Mobile (fixed analog controls somewhat) Rad Rally (fixed analog controls somewhat) Sonic 3D (fixed analog controls somewhat) Spectrum 2000 (Background Sound Fixed) Syvalion (Now Playable Properly) Players Choices (now single screen bios) Fire Hawk (Background Sound Fixed) Cyberball (speed hack added) 1000 Miglia Great 1000 Miles Rally ( Fixed ) Great 1000 Miles Rally Evolution Model (Fixed) Mille Miglia 2 Great 1000 Miles Rally (Fixed) Great 1000 Miles Rally 2 (Fixed) added custom alha fade for video not linked to screenshot seperated alpha fade and position/size for vertical and horizontal games for pictures and video added dual screenshot/video support for skinning added video help now as well as scrolling text (adds 30megs) added new screensaver mode added added option to overlay info on random pictures screensaver or random video screensaver fixed continous scanning though videos now it looks once per line move (if you have alot of video and one is missing it access the 50 times a sec to look) added option to fast scroll (without preview so it moves rapidly with triggers but no previews at the time of scrolling fast) added new folders for games / NES / FBA / FB / Genisis / SNES / Old Mame core / XBOX games added xml into f drive to aid with autolauch of new cores reintroduced Skin selector screen Fixed alot of lightgun sources (thanks Mawunit) added xml to cutom launch games with different core added oldschool CPS2 or new CPS2 option ----------------------- R4 Build ----------------------- Added animation support to skin engine Added all new Double Dragon 3 (japanese one is alot better) Updated CP2 games Street Fighter 2 Anversay edition (Now Playable ) Pheniox edition of CP2 games (Now Playable ) Updated Sega System32 driver (Golden Axe 2, Spiderman etc) Updated Sega System32 driver (Golden Axe 2, Spiderman etc) What happened to these updates?
  23. Any chance of a option in the video settings, that once changed affects the video settings for all games? For e.g if you want Bilinear display on all the games instead of having to change the video settings for each game individually. Keep up the great work
  24. Some nice updates coming , looking forward to next release.
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