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The Ressurection has begun....

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I put this in my own thread, but wanted to make sure everyone saw it......








2 things I've decided for sure on.....


1) Saves will be in RAR files. It will be your responsibility to unzip these redicululously large collections of files on your own. It just made the torrents too unbearable to sit through creating and I would imagine the same for actually using them. For most systems this won't even matter, given the fact that Madmab has made the option to use a default setting on the emus and most don't need to be configured beyond the default. Every other category is just as you would upload to your Xbox.


Just be sure not to delete the RAR file after you unzip everything. The torrent will ignore all 742 of the Save folders it makes for Atari 2600. (I know my instructions in the save folder said to delete the RAR, but disregard that. I will update all future torrent instructions to say to keep the zip. Even if you FTP the zip to your box and don't delete it, it's only 1.5MB.)


2) There will be 1 t0rrent per system. There is no way we can do this all in one torrent, so I see no reason why to combine any of them. Each will be a separate download. This should make it much easier for the future workers on these systems to put out updates without having to break the download for every single system.







Atari 2600 is out. Don't be one of those people who PM me about a link because you will be ignored. Consider this a scavenger hunt.











EDIT: Oh... by the way..... We turned a 3.08MB romset into a 2.52GB affair.


Nowhere else will you find such a complete set that could turn a Floppy Disk into a DVD :)

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Putting the link to your teams homepage is one lame scavenger hunt. :)


I will check it out for sure... A huge THANK YOU for all your work!


Sad to see that BP has one more "enemy". I hoped that the few guys left at the xbox scene would stick together...

Hopefully things continue well on the xbox 360, so we can all move on...


I am looking forward to the next Extras to be released...

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Nah.... people have known about that team homepage for 2 years now man. That's not where the real Xtras are. Got some links there to get you started though :)


Me and BP are more like frenimies. I'm not immune to his ability to push people over the edge, but I usually do try to help others from ganging up on him as well. His R5 stuff is part of my collection since it's personally my favorite arcade emu on any system. I don't use it at all for console games though.

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