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The Ressurection has begun....

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No problem :D


Anyone who has these files and/or has access to the, I need them to jump on the torrents ASAP since I'm the only "seeder" right now and I'm not actually seeding anything.



Oh..... Also got the "Other Media" torrent up now as well as the PSX torrent.



Don't expect nothing fast to happen with PSX, but several of the games now are available and people should be able to start seeding that one game by game as I get it out there for the seeders to help with.






Only torrents left now are the .CUT files and the Emulators themselves........

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Haha.... If BP spends even 1/4 the time working on CoinOPS as I do on this project, which I have no doubt he does, then he doesn't have enough free time to please a girlfriend, let alone a smokin' hot one.


That is unless, of course, he wasn't lying about the super high paying job and we're actually talking about a super hot (and hopefully super clean) prostitute.


Get down with your bad self BP.


Now that X is out and you have some free time, get yourself some Hooked on Phonics and and maybe next time we talk maybe I can understand you.

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Understand bp....unlikely. lol.


Can't wait for the new thread for coinops (showroom?) to start up....

Will it have the posts from all his other threads added to the thread count, to make it look like

it has over 94,000 views...lol.

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As someone who actually does have a full time job, I don't even have time to read all the bullshit that gets written in this forum anymore, I have to skim read through the shit Mr. Big Shot pours out. It's easy to pick up on the really big chunks of bullshit though, that's why I had to laugh. He likes to smoke girls? What the fuck kind of lingo is that? You guys ever smoked a woman before? I've smoked salmon, quite tasty. Maybe he's only just seen the Mask and thinks it's still cool to say smokin' like Jim Carey.

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they dont think its possible to do both....:) that answers what I thought...its not possible for you guys cause you dont even think it possible....that tells me your in newbe leage in more ways than I thought....


its not possible to get girls and to code?...I dont beleive it?....out of all the stuff I have ever read this explains the most to me about you guys....best of luck really you might actually want to believe it can happen and work on it...it is possible and actually very easy....


anyways im gone from your bitter talk...its easy for me to see that you think easy stuff isnt possible and have no idea....good luck living in a world where substandard living is expected to be the norm...you might stay this way if you dont even see that its easy to do it if you know its possible....if not well its over before it began.....

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I believe anything's possible, but I know false bravado when I smell it, and girl, you reek of it.

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lol ok you believe that :) I know 100percent for sure that your situation is now


yeah honestly you guys need this stuff....I can see that now.....


ill leave you alone now for good...... im sorry guys..... in more ways than you know..... kick me all you want if it makes you feel better......

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