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  1. Arf not ... it's only the emulator, no roms in archive file
  2. hoooooo thanks a lot, i've planed to do it myself, thanks you save me a lot of time ❤️
  3. Hi @fumanchu i've search every where to found your pack but can't found it Can you please answer us where to found it ? Maybe in PM if you prefer .... thanks
  4. WOAW incredible !!!! How do you do 😅 Thanks a lot for this new game 👍
  5. Yes please i search for this game too ... Any new link ? Thanks
  6. If you release of CoinOPS 4 works fine, without lock and can be updated ... please release it or the "patch" ... I also like the BP work, but only for arcade games ! And the BETA of CoinOPS4 i have tested are locked too
  7. So bad I really dream he analyses it To remove CPS3 Emu of my xBox ... One day maybe ...
  8. So cool ... i love the idea Make a CoinOPS with all MAME games and remove "FBL arcade games" and "ALL console games" ... But why removing "Midway arcade games with sound mamexb6 core" .. Where we can found it ? Can we upgrade it ?
  9. I have see a video of iq_132 who make works fine CPS3 on xBox with a modified FBL core ... but not release for the moment
  10. So incredible to see all that work on xBox I dream to play these games lol And for the code update you made iq_132 to play CPS3 games on FBL with 64Mo of RAM ... will you release it to please ? Thanks
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