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lol I wantnt just said nothing happening else where come and get the remaining people over as they might not know to come :)....man so parinoid....just cause your not parinoid doesnt mean they arnt watching :)


honestly I dont give your stuff any thought....so dont worry dude...it doesnt enter into my design as you well know anyways

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Ive notice all other stuff going dead on the other sites....I warned them about this...they told me its about to heat up :) its sad this happened as I was 95percent certain it was going to....spread the work for them as its pretty much over on the other sites.........I know they dont listen but im sure some new people will like it even if they are redirected here although most have come over by looks you never know.... man they worked hard at there demise though and stuck to there guns


this is the orig quote....which I didnt mention your stuff nor care less about ... be parinoid all I think is your very worried about stuff and wonder why? very jumpy indead


but best of luck brother ive always wished you the best.... I dont follow your stuff and have no interest but im sure it will have something worth collecting and its always good to see people doing something....best of luck

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Though that quote did annoy me as well, that wasn't the particular one I was referring to. I'd go and dig it up, but I'm busy working on my end and we all know you probably deleted it by now and nobody would know because they gave you privileges to edit your posts and hide it from everyone else that you did.


Bottom line. I don't want to hear from people on my team second hand that you're talking about us. I haven't been to this site in about a month, but somebody sent a link to all the arrogant and ignorant stuff you were saying today, and it's not appreciated.


I've done nothing but defend you when people (a lot of them) attack you, and you continually do this back to me.


Keep that shit to yourself and we'll stay out of each other's way.

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is r7 using different rom set??

im using r6 rom (i already use clrmamepro), the result is missing files & other rom show "fatal error" message

so i switch back to r6 & roms work

did i do something wrong???

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So, I've stayed away a bit and just popped in to see what the newest progress was and it looks like I've got a lot of reading to do! Rotation stuff sounds awesome and I'll be waiting for a link to R8 when that is done. I gave up on harassing you and then the features I want most start appearing. I think Cospefogo's help has a lot to do with that.


So, thanks Cos!

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NEW FEATURE ADDED :: New automatic flicker filter feature added....

NEW FEATURE ADDED :: ok did some more work on Monitor is Vertically Mounted option....

Added 2 new skins so I can correct everything... SideHiDef & SideLowDef

NEW FEATURE ADDED :: Rotate monitor clowise and anitclockwise placeholder if needed

BUG FIX :: fixed HD skin rotation

BUG FIX :: stopped the lockup when you have 10x11 pixel aspect and are running in HD


+1 RedCapsMan, the same here, poppin' in today, seeing that a lot has been done,

Awesome news also that your work with Cos, lead to such a résult. Good job guys !


Good and that definitively makes my day ! you incorporated the GUI rotate option that you did not care

(in all the years that I asked for stuff, all my wishes have been fulfilled).

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Hey guys,


I do not deserve any praises. Me and PhilExile just tested things that

BP implemented for all of us. He is the champ here.


Friends, I am totally A-MA-ZED with the results on the R7 & R8 version.

The pixel perfect settings are A-TO-NI-SHING.

Wait and you will see.


Never, ever, a MAME emulator had such feature!!!!

And better ----- right out off the box!


Install, and TADÁ!

Its there.

SIMPLE and rocking.


Cheers for everybody!

A beer, dark ale, strong and bold, for BP.



Edited by Cospefogo
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