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Ditto to all of that! Thanks BP! :)


Hey guys,


I do not deserve any praises. Me and PhilExile just tested things that

BP implemented for all of us. He is the champ here.


Friends, I am totally A-MA-ZED with the results on the R7 & R8 version.

The pixel perfect settings are A-TO-NI-SHING.

Wait and you will see.


Never, ever, a MAME emulator had such feature!!!!

And better ----- right out off the box!


Install, and TADÁ!

Its there.

SIMPLE and rocking.


Cheers for everybody!

A beer, dark ale, strong and bold, for BP.



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:D ok new changes


I want someone to test monitor rotation stuff sometime....


also I think ill change all the console/handheld stuff to diff dats...its an hour to worth of work.....anyone recommends some good dats....


also planning on adding some new sort options really soon....a option to pin arcades to top of non arcades....this will do this


at present sort by name is a b c d e f g........fast jump

this option enabled will then go Arcade A..Arcade B..Arcade C......................Arcade Z...Home A...Home B....Home....... so all you arcades will be at the top of the lists and other stuff below....do people want this kind of thing? or filters to remove home/arcades stuff?

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Hi, just one quick question :D


I don't understand one thing ... you had more path config for roms because there are some limitation on the xbox directorys ... and because it is more easyer to organise our roms like that ok.

But for Screenshots or VideoPreviews ... are there not the same limitations ?

Have you think to permit to use multi directorys too or not ?


Maybe my question is stupid ... but it is for understand and some others people have the same question i think ... :P


Thanks BP


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Ok thanks ... it is what i'm thinking :D

And it is why i ask the question ... it is now important to add some new folders for videos and screenshots ... if not, why add them for roms :P

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ok added some new features and prepreping new tests for monitor on its side....it now scales as per scale...stretch and default so you can get it to keep the correct aspect ratios even when the monitors on its side and even if its an hd monitor


ill be adding font aspect ratio correction later....ill work that out :D for you guys


this will include you Garcimak

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darknior :: its a feature suggestion that at present I dont see any point for....I might look at it if I see a full set...at somepoint but for me more than 4000 games is silly in one list....no one I know whats all 12,000 games as there are so many are dups and so many are bad....


its been discussed and commented on in the past, its a 15min mod and its not being coded at present or on the to do list in the next few weeks...and at present I see no real reason to add it over other more important stuff like midway...KI and CPS2 but a patch is welcome or give me a real reason why I wish to do this.... running other xtras from other emus to me is no reason as the stuff doesnt match properly


darknior you have told me what you want and its simlar to rx....Im not interest one single bit....no one I know is interested if they where full sets with all the crap would have been in along time ago....but people I know dont like it and im the same....it will get a graphics overhaul but not alot of clutter and rubbish everywhere....it allready has history.dat I just havent shown you how to use it...it allready has alot more than ive docummented but only the teams gets it at present cause people comlain about this stuff so its just remed out...


So in short as stated to you many times...im not interested sorry start your own project its no problems with me....but im not in it as I dont like the vision....its simlar to rx and from the support ive seen so far people wanting this stuff is a small number and no one I know thinks it looks like what they want...so your guys stuff is safe with me conceptually I wont be copying it with or without sources.....but best of luck you guys....please branch your own threads this is not about letting the tail wag the dog and turning this into a cluttered confusing gui IMO


you guys think im anti you guys...but in fact i dont actually really care im just doing my project and moving along and always have been...the direction has never changed and never will and I have no reason to change it....honestly you guys can do what ever to me they are just adding xtras which I can do in beta in a night or so at a level im happy with... I wish you well I dont hold really look what you guys are up to.... but I do know im not intereseted in looking at it as ive taken a few glaces and its enough to know it isnt me....


other stuff ive added eventually as they kind of fitted what I wanted like pixel perfect, so ive added it...now I added monitor on its side as it was asked on many forums and the thread was large so I put it in before the rebrand...now all features are locked down and its just getting everything looking hot and running smoothly in one nice looking GUI with 99percent of what them and there kids want to play...and easy to find


Good luck...I answered away...very fast and probably makes no sense but the answer is no im not interested at all in full sets with everything all over the place

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OK R8 is getting close to bug bash now.... so its less than a week away for an offical release


Monitors on its side 90deg and 270deg is in properly ....some bugs removed...added improved separation option of arcades and home roms in sorting...plus added in some nice new hacks

ill try and look at dk2 drivers sometime I take that was what was asked for not dk jr?


this will then be locked down then and is going into a new branded release....its already started and well underway.....its already way bigger than Showcase could have ever been....with many more favs from many more systems including arcades, plus its got a better sorting engine and also it will have a new look to it...

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