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  1. Ouch! So I think I will return to that old method of having two different FBL running in parallel. All my vertical games are superbly fine in pixel perfect no-bilinear-sharp-as-hell in the actual 1.5 version! I switched from a LCD TV to a LCD PC monitor (light weight) and now I can physically rotate my screen on side, to lay the vertical games as they really should be played! Anyway, thanks for this version, +T+! I will setup it for OutRun and HangOn games by themselves! Regards, C.
  2. Sweet fiery onion of hell! I have been away for a few weeks (too much work REALLY) and a lot of things have been happening! Wonderful! Question for +T+: My already configured game INIs (from INI/EMULATION/) will work fine with a 1.7 clean install? I really need to play OutRun e HanOng games correctly! Regards, and thanks soo much! Cospefogo.
  3. Ah. I see! Bad English of my part! Regards, ^C^
  4. +T+! Right on the spot! The only systems that (at least in my end) need to have adjustments in the controllers are ONLY CPS1 and CPS2! Absolutely *all others* are perfect as is from the default driver/factory settings! But this is not a crucial super important feature at all... Just something to the end of the task list! Regards, »C«
  5. Hmmm... No problem! It's OK then! Thanks for the clarification, +T+! +C+.
  6. Hey +T+! I have been playing many times last weeks and, at the moment, * the only thing * I really miss in FBL is a universal controller setting. It could be great to be able to set a key config right in the general settings panel and force all games (that does not have yet their own config) to use it as default. Of course we can adjust the keys, game by game upon "first play"... Well... This is the only thing I miss. Regards, C.
  7. Yeah! It is me on the video. And I like cats a lot as well. We have seven in the apartment. And I also take care of three more strays down the corner in my neighborhood. =) C.
  8. Looks like something spoken right from the mouth of the Devil to me!
  9. Hmmm... I have been helping MadMab to test his scanline filter attempts in MednafenX-NES but we have been out of luck. MadMab was able to create the filter using some old code left behind inside Xport Atari800 emulator, however the filter was breaking the 60fps framerate integrity in some games, for example, Akumajou Densetsu was running in constant 42fps. Also, he was thinking to try to "import" the scanlines filter used in ZsneXbox, however the whole filter is coded in the most devilish language of the world --- assembly. Assembly is evil. MadMab is doing his best. Ouch! C.
  10. Great stuff Phil! Thanks for the pictures. But +T+, if we scale the Xbox screen to any given proportion the aspect ratio will be broken, and there will be artifacts in the screen while it is moving... ...unless you are in bilinear or trilinear, of course. Well, I am a bit confused now. Where are we all trying to go from here? C.
  11. Right, if you use the filters, this hides the distortion. I actually think the filters are pretty good for the most part - except for those ones that smooth out the pixels in weird ways. Shudder: Yes yes. I second that. If you never saw distortions it is solely because you use the filters! =) C.
  12. Maybe because I work with pixels (http://www.pixeltemple.com) I would never, ever, move back to a composite (standard AV) connection. The image is so dirty. I am not thaaaat nostalgic. For example, a great achievement for me was when I got S-Video support for my SNES and my PSX. Wow! The image got a LOT better. And imagine my happiness when I first got my Xbox plugged with component in a (good) CRT TV. The flicker was gone! The image was crisp and clear as crystal! So I have a half-new and a half-old vision of this whole thing. I like my games with scanlines but at same time I prefer to get rid of all that old "dirt", blur and artifacts from the original composite connection.
  13. Hey guys! Well, if I take - right now, under 480p/720p in a LCD TV: - Any NeoGeo game, like for example Metal Slug - Apply the scanlines - Apply point filtering (no bilinear, no blur, sharp as hell) - Double the original height (pixel perfect) - And apply *any given horizontal width* the game - even with the scanlines will not present a perfect scrolling horizontal. There will be waves totally noticeable on the screen. When you are out of the correct width is super easy to see the problem. However, if I change the hardware filtering to bilinear or trilinear, the waves are gone. The problem is masked, diguised, but the screen becomes so blurry that I feel I am needing glasses to play. The pixels are completely smoked! Mybe under the real 240p the width could not matter at all, but under a progressive 480p/720p in a emulator I think it should not be left behind. Also, there are some games that really had narrow old crt sceens. Stretching them to fill the modern display will present a "bad aesthetic" result... fat charecters! =) Well, my cents! Regards, Cospefogo.
  14. Hey Phil! I already had this idea in the past! I asked MadMab about this and the answer is no! Pixel Aspect Ratio 10x11 is a hardware/video thing. It is not a function or a bit of coding added for the programmer guys... There is no way to invert it! =) C.
  15. +T+, Few months ago I had a real Super Famicom + the Power Pak cartridge (the one where you insert a CF filled with ROMS and play in the real hardware.) Also, I was using my Samsung 29" 480i traditional CRT TV, in other words, SNES in real 240p as it should be. Few time later I did buy a Wii and plugged on the very same television. For my suprise, the Wii's hardware is capable of output *real* (when I say real I mean real) 240p to a CRT TV! I was pretty shocked when I did run a SNES emulator in the Wii and the graphics were absolutely the same as the real console. Believe... it was awesome. Then, I did sell my Super Famicom with the PowerPak cartridge, it became completely useless for me! But since I decided to upgrade to a LCD TV (old, used, bought from a friend) to have better screen for Mame/FBL games I had to gave it up the Wii's 240p features. So, now, the best option for me are the scanlines generated by the emulators or the SLG3000 device that generates scanlines through a VGA connection. And, for my eyes, the current FBL scanlines filter is almost like a 240p output. We just need to have it a bit more "visible", more "strong" to really get very close to the point. Regards, C.
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