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Final Burn Legends 1.0


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Is anyone planning on uploading via torrent or a file sharing site mega/rapid the complete set of *oms?

If not how do I go about adding them 1st what arcade set or if more then 1, what sets should I be using.After I get ahold of that what the hell do I do?

1. Find rom, then put that into a folder on your PC.

2. Grab romcenter utility for PC, then in the app open the .dat file from the FBA Legend folder.

3. Add a rom path linking to your rom folder, then scan it to see if your rom file is compatible or needs a fixin.

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Guess i'll post the first bug, that is if others can verify it: Garou (set 1) won't run, despite being highlighted as completely working in romcenter.


No memory leak. Ran it at 1080i and switched back to 480p, but still no dice. Haven't tried the other sets yet (the bootleg and prototype), as i'm really only interested in the official, complete game.



I just tested these in 1080i


Garou (Set 1)

Garou (Set 2)

Garou (Bootleg)

Garou (Prototype)


They all worked and ran perfectly. If they are not working for you, it's for 1 of 2 reasons:


1) Your ROMs are not good

2) You are not waiting long enough for the game to start. It takes 2-3 minutes for the game to be processed, decrypted, etc... This is the case for many NeoGeo games.

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I knew that build will be something, but at this point... All i can say is it is an amazing emulator. The GUI is perfect, a lot of options, and sets are accurate, games runs smooth. The first problem i got was "well, what i can play?" lmao.


Amazing work Nes, nothing more to say. If you're not married you really should lol. BTW, if you wanna some help to add or fix some more VMM games just let me know. I'm 200% motivated, maybe more. Moooooooooooooooo!


Every one should give to Nes a small kiss

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thanks NES, played a few games now and this is emu is great.

the best emulator on Xbox I'd say.


just a quick question, about the ingame info. where are the setting for adjusting the text left hand margin ? because on my tv the text is always too far over to the left. I know you can move it with control stick while reading it , but i'd like to set it for once instead of having to move it every time. :lol:

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