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  1. Agreed with iq_132, it is a real pain in the ass and will requiere a lot of slow IO on HDD. BTW Hi guys, i haven't been there since a looooong time. Moo.
  2. Cool stuff +T+ More cool stuff soon, if i move my lazy butt lol
  3. Added to my to do list. I don't know when i will do it, i'm currently in the process to change of job and it is extremely time consumer. Kiss,
  4. Well, who wants to be my wife here? Thanks.
  5. Wow! This is a good news! IIRC the previous release is 1 year an half old +T+, did you see if some news drivers need a VMM? Just let me know, i'll add them to the "kenshiro's to do list" lol.
  6. Cool to see you back. Give me some work to do please!
  7. Downloads: In the usual places. cool stuff Thanks.
  8. Hey +T+, it seems that your PM box is full, i can't send you a PM. Could you take a look please. Thanks.
  9. That's a very good idea. And it could make bug fixing faster and more efficient You need to find out a clean way to do that, i've maybe an idea on that point
  10. Who knows, maybe some guys are currently working on fixing games which runs out of memory
  11. Happy to see that someone stills have feelings for me. My wife should do the same lol
  12. Strange. Because the default bios in FBL 1.3 (i didn't try the 1.4 ATM) is the Unibios 2.3, to avoid this green screen (it is a neogeo self hardware test). +T+, did you change it (i'm currently at my work, i don't have the sources on my hand)?
  13. The only Neogeo games which can run out of memory are actually the PCB sets (svc, kof2003, mslug5) and few others, all in a video mode higher than 480P. They're already fix (i will give the code to +T+). the "OUT OF MEMORY" error means that a call of malloc() failed, so definitly not an rom issue. If it is not a radioactivity issue, or if you don't use a special revision of the Xbox with 16 MB of RAM, i suggest you to perform a clean install. If it still does not work i can give you the number phone of an exorcist.
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