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  1. Erm, Turbographx/PC-Engine is no older than SNES or Genesis/Megadrive, it's another great machine/console of the 16bit days, home of some of the best shmups ever made, even more if you look for the CD version of some, like Lords of Thunder and others. Also, has many great arcade conversions too. Well worth the time to explore it.
  2. December has been completely nuts over here, on a personal level, so it's with much sadness that i find what happened here these days lately, after having a time to check the news and forums. Funny thing, besides FBL, i went back to MameOX b3 these days, not because i have my credits on it, but because i like the gui, with the info, screens, etc, but also because i was really sick of the flames going on and certain atitudes, even if i usually consider myself to have lots of pacience. But what happened before made me sick of CoinOps i must say, that basically is MameOX with another gui and drivers added recently by Iq. And with this recent events, i completely back up even more FBL and nes, and regarding Mameports, if i want to play some extra games not working for now on the current emulators outside coinops, i will play on PC and all the people should do the same personally. Yes, personality and ethics gets on my way of enjoying games sometimes, and this is one of them.
  3. Interesting the choice of launching with both GUis. I like that. Choice is good. Personally, i'm satisfied with CoinOPS at the moment. Of course you have those usual small things like some of the ones me and others suggested and thought, or more drivers support, but for now the emulator works good and it's in a 'final' (notice the commas) state for me. Regarding the other subject, i agree with that on most parts like we've talked before. Develop outside the public eyes, release it later or not if you wish, but let the public part on foruns for the users to deal. You can check the topics they create the same, see if they find some bugs for example and so on, and reply or not if you wish, to some question you decide to answer if no one does it before and ignore the flames, troll baits and try to do yourself the same, not doing that. A good example, of many good ones, is the recent thread created on XS regarding Surreal compability list, where people are helping eachother to create an ini file with good settings for all the games, because not only people like to help and create something for the community, but also because it will help the developer later too, without the need for him to have all that trouble. That's where you can focus, because that's positive, like the feedback and input you will see for the recent Final Burn Legends too for sure. You just have to filter what you want to read and deal with.
  4. I continue to like the CoinOPS skin personally (besides one or two smaller things that i've written before). It gives a distinct look and personality to the emulator and works very well for what's intended and fits the design and philosophy of the games it plays. Maybe i'm in the minority, but i like it way more than that xbmc stuff. In the end it's all a matter of personal taste i guess.
  5. Great news and can't wait to try it out when i get home later today.
  6. You could be you own censor and read a different thread, nobody can make you read anything. Or is it human morbid fascination, the same thing when people gather round to watch fist fights yet claim its all wrong. Yes, i could, but it's a mess and childish when you have too many topics on the front page dealing with this, but specially, good topics being derailed because you decide to start the usual cat fights from both sides. And generally, i don't participate on bs like this, but maybe today i'm more pissed than other times regarding this, even more after i saw what happened on cospefogo's topic on XS and so on, where good info and discussions get thrown away by this. Using your words "human morbid fascination, the same thing when people gather round to watch fist fights", if it was like that , i would just look at the topics, watching, not saying a thing on what happens. Personally, you can promisse to eachothers this and that, not making flames or wtv, or participate only in certain topics. But in the end, this is a moderator problem and forum policies, just that, letting this go on and on. It just makes a forum and community look bad, entering here and seeing this all time on the front pages and topics.
  7. No it doesn't. Use pm or private foruns bla bla for that. It's boring and a pain to visit the foruns and see every day all this bs and topics being derailed with this childish stuff. No only here but on xbox-scene and so on too.
  8. jesus christ people, seriously, enough of this. I know i'm not a mod here and so on, but personally, i would delete all of this bs threads and comments ongoing here from all sides. don't you people have anything better to do or something? Are you bored? ffs and again, for both sides, grow up and enough of the flame wars, ego troubles and bla bla, jesus. I hate seeing this childish stuff when i visit foruns. you even make a person lose interest in your things. ugh
  9. U.S. Championship V'ball on Coinops, and old favorite that i always go back. Hard as hell and completely random how the opponents behave. And you also have to score 7 points against the clock (very hard also) or else is game over. Sometimes i just want to throw my controller against the wall playing this.
  10. Hmm, but what i'm talking about happens after i clean everything (delete udata and tdata saves) and go for testing a new dvd/build of coinops with 1050 (or more) games. Basically, when loading for the first time coinops now on those new dvds with 1050 games, the genre info doesn't appear correctly. The first time you load appears as 'unknown' and the second time doesn't appear at all. That didn't happen on the ones with 1040 games or less, since i always used the emulator the same way untill now. Maybe it's a coincidence, not sure at the moment. PS: This solution: "Q - I cant see the Catagories of my games what do I do A - Press START on the games selection page and select Scan All Your Games this is sometimes required after a fresh start" doesn't work also. weird
  11. Hmm ok, i will have to try that, thx. Btw, i'm thinking i could have found some sort of bug yesterday, regarding this same kind of info. I'm not sure if it's related to the number of games, but when i made a dvd with 1040 games, everything was fine. After i did another version, that now has 1050 games, the genre info doen't appear and always gives an 'invalid' error if you press 'Y' to see the games by manufacturer on the frontend. I tried 2 dvds, and always the same. Weird.
  12. I'm not sure what 'helpful friends' are you talking about, but anyway, it's your emulator, your work and so on. In the end, it's your decision, so good luck in your projects and things you decide to do in the future. Life's too short to worry about trivial things and emulators should be used to have a fun and relive memories, not to make your 'real' life more difficult. peace.
  13. I understand that, what i couldn't understand is if you stopped development because of those things that happened. Underground is good for development (the thing about going private exactly), and let be on public the updates (when they exist) ideas, feedback and help from the users. And the new topic being created by fumanchu and not you it's a good idea also. Generally, when it's that way, the topics flow better if they are created by the 'users'.
  14. As you may have noticed already, when i have an idea or suggestion, or if i am against something why not, i try to fundament it and explain the reasons, that way it's always easier to have a better picture of the idea you're trying to get across, or even for people to talk about it Maybe i don't know what was happening completely (it's true, since i was away for so long), but i have a thing to ignore certain kind of comments and focus only on the positive stuff. Some users were helping, some still want to do it and others were always there to thank you, and still are. Then you had the opposite side and everytime they sent you a troll bait, you fell to it, instead of ignore it. Also, some technical stuff of coding and so on, it's always better by pm and private instead of public. Public you go for few topics with focus on testing and feedback (trying to be polite), never letting the offtopic and troll baits get you or the topics themselves. It must be that way if the moderators don't do it first, or else you meltdown. I'm talking here or everywhere. saying they got their wishes is doing exactly what they wanted then, so, they win. Fumanchu's new topic 'CoinOPS reignite Updates Unofficial thread' could be a good way to start anew. Updates, feedback, ideas, with a strong hand and focus on that. You just have to ignore the rest.
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