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  1. Nes....well done mate!!!!!....awesome job!!! to see these games running with the filters I want, at 60fps, and being able to adjust the screen per game.....priceless mate! Few bugs....but I'm sure they won't be there long! Cheers K
  2. Progress is good. I'm not going to do another Final Burn. I am trying to get FBL in a good "1.0" state. The port is complete. I am working on getting games working that require VM. Martial Masters is almost certainly not worth the effort. The simplest PGM games don't run fullspeed so I have no confidence the most complex ones would. The Xbox doesn't have the power. I would say my build should play just about everything in FBA XXX Pro and more. Sounds good nes....which core are you using...I guess If I look that up, I'll find a list of games that it supports? K
  3. FB XXX Pro 1.26 and Final Burn Hardware - Bilinear Software - Scanlines Res: 1080i Then make sure you adjust screensize to compensate for overscan. If you get it right....looks fantastic. I know what you mean, when I first upgraded to HD, I thought, christ!...looks crap!....but, using these settings, looks awsome! Hope that helps.
  4. Nes...did you see mine and Fu's posts on page 9? K
  5. Yeah great work man...and good luck in whatever you do! - but, just remember to manage that ego!...lol K
  6. Thanks to everyone who offered to beta test. Once the first release is out, then everyone can post what games break, crash the Xbox, etc... The newest core supports over 2700 games. No way I can test all of them. I updated the core to the latest FBA. I could probably do another Final Burn if there were any games people wanted me to add. I'd like to keep it Sega games, or games not emulated anywhere else on the Xbox, but that's not a rule. The games I put in 1.0 and 1.1 were requested specifically. FBL is still a few weeks away at least. Nes.....as you have asked for some suggestions, couple below: Alex Kidd : The Lost Stars Fantasy Zone Wonder Boy III : Monster Lair E-Swat Sonic Boom Line of Fire Alien Storm D.D. Crew Desert Breaker Michael Jackson's Moonwalker Shadow Dancer I know most of these are emulated in other emu's....but, the games in FB so far look closer to the arcade, if you know what I mean. Also, there are some system32 games that would be good to include, but I don't know if you want them in/or too much like hard work? For instance, Rad Mobile is unplayable in any other emu...the steering has issues. K
  7. 42inch plasma....I have the switcher installed on the HDD, and have no probs with NTSC. Cba.gy is spot on tho....playing coinops/Final Burn in hd is a sight to behold. I use FBA XXX pro 1.26, as it's the last one that I managed to get to work at 720p or 1080i. K
  8. Hey nes...offer still stands mate if you want a beta tester....done some of that stuff in my time...lol. K
  9. Oh my.....is this one going to run forever?...lol K
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