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  1. KOFXI works with DEMUL & KOFXII works as a Taito Type X2 dump.
  2. Ok, hate to bother you guys again but has anyone got Sengoku 3, Oriental Legend Plus, & Knights of Valor Plus to work? Maybe you guys can help me out again? For Sengoku 3, I keep getting ROM Error: ROM size Invalid & For Oriental Legends & Knights of Valor Plus, I keep getting ROM Error: Unable to load the ROM. Any Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Has Anyone Having Trouble Playing Puzzle Fighter? I can Insert a Coin and Press Start But none of the game buttons do anything? Also, I look at the button Config section, and I see no Button 1 or Button 2 options...
  4. If you guys have the Update, I wouldn't mind receiving a PM for this
  5. I'm sorry but I don't understand why I still don't have sound for the Midway games still. I deleted the Old saves files, updated the cfg & nvram files and copied the midway into the correct folders and copied the pointers into the roms section "MI_1, MI_2, etc" and still have no sound. I don't know what I'm doing wrong....
  6. I have 2 requests if possible to work in the next build. Viper Phase 1 & Run & Gun. Thanks for keep support the emu scene.
  7. What is the uCodes feature? Is that like cheat codes?
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