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Final Burn Legends 1.0

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Yes I see the details on the first page. I was wondering if someone had some pictures or videos. Or even some specific comparisons to those other programs. For example - how does metal slug run compared to FBA-XXX. Can you run all of the same games that CoinOps can run?

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Is anyone planning on uploading via torrent or a file sharing site mega/rapid the complete set of *oms?

If not how do I go about adding them 1st what arcade set or if more then 1, what sets should I be using.After I get ahold of that what the hell do I do?

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Guess i'll post the first bug, that is if others can verify it: Garou (set 1) won't run, despite being highlighted as completely working in romcenter.


No memory leak. Ran it at 1080i and switched back to 480p, but still no dice. Haven't tried the other sets yet (the bootleg and prototype), as i'm really only interested in the official, complete game.

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