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  1. A question, I'm using the romcenter.dat from FBL 1.666 is this upto date to work for 1.7 ? also it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of romcenter (I'm using the old 2.71 version) what version of mame roms is fbl 1.7 working with ?
  2. RX, I notice you have astro fighter listed as no sound, well it uses samples, so put them in the samples dir and voila Sound. there are others like this aswell. and have you noticed galaga in FBL the firing is messed up, likes its stuck on autofire.
  3. that's the same problem I have. BP said it's because the hard drive is slow, but this doesn't happen on other emus only coinops. nes' versions only scroll one line at a time and you have to press again to goto the next line, but coin ops scrolls continually just holding down, so maybe change it so you have to press each time to move, maybe this would work better. ? hope it's understood what I mean.
  4. I don't use video previews, only screenshots. How about bringing back the screenshots option to the screen saver, as it only has options for blank screen or videos on the latest versions. suppose there no way adjusting the screen setting somewhere for certain games ? I like to play scramble and some other older vertical games with the screen stretched wider. also settings pole position analog to reverse is always reset, it doesnt save the settings, so I have to change it each time I play.
  5. hey BP I finally found out how to get pole position and pole position II working properly. its the Analog Controls need to be set to Reverse for pedal 1 and pedal 2 easy as that I have the the controls set as :- P1 Pedal 2 1>L-Trigger P1 Pedal 2 1>L-Trigger P1 Pedal 1 1>R-Trigger P1 Pedal 1 1>R-Trigger P1 Dial 1>L-Stick<- P1 Dial 1>L-Stick-> and Change "P1 Dial Sensitivity" to 15% works for both games. saves you some fixing Oh and is there anyway to get the english voices in PP1 and PP2 ? At the moment the flag scrolling past at the start and the voices are in Japanese. I'd like to hear the "Prepare to Qualify" etc voice. Also I asked about this before I think, when you have other sets or bootlegs in the rom folder they show up in the games list with the same name as the parent, so you get two entries with the same name and if i go to Remove the one of them that says "Other" on game type, from coinops start menu it always deletes the Parent roms.
  6. Does pole position 2 analog control work properly with shoulder buttons now, if I remember right you got Pole position 1 working properly with shoulder buttons but Pole position 2 still only goes to a certain speed and stays there if using shoulder buttons, but works properly only with using the right analog stick.
  7. cool can't wait. i just did an xbox for a friend and I want to put coinops on it, as its the best all round arcade emu. thanks.
  8. hi BP, this all sounds great, but how do I get to test it ? is there some secret club
  9. I'm dying to try out Ironclad, but mine shows up as red in romcenter, can anyone do the pm thing ? nevermind. I managed to rebuild it now its working correctly.
  10. wow !! thanks nes. you must have been working hard on this all this time, so many extras added and fixes. this is great work, so thank you very much. ! btw is there a way to have no menu bg music, as some games have such low volume I have to turn up the tv high, can i just delete mp3 ? i know there is an option for the volume, but it always seems to reset to 100%. thanks again nes.
  11. a little thing I noticed is when you add game to favourites, if you have that game favourited already it adds it again, so you can have 2 or more named the same in the favourites select.
  12. excellent, i was gonna mention that one. thanks for answering my questions, hope I arent annoying you with all the stupid questions. I'm loving this legends emu. thanks nes for all the work you've put into this.
  13. BP, sounds like the next version of Coinops is gonna be great did you get the game list like nes type, no screens while scrolling, that is what makes the gui feel fast and smooth. would be so great to have that in coinops.
  14. sounds interesting, what are the changes and how will they effect emulation ? , or is it secret I'm still keeping FBAxxxpro at the moment because you can overclock to remove slowdown, and also select neogeo console bios. but i don't like not having highscore saving, are highscores saved in legends for games like capcom, Psikyo, cave etc... shooters ? can't wait to try grandmaster2, if it gets added
  15. wicked Thanks Kenshiro! also are some games underclocked on the audio, to keep speed up or is that how they are normally ? ie Gradius III (japan) the music sounds slow, but the game plays smooth. and there was another but I cant remember it at the moment. these are some of the "other" games that do not work or not work well, mostly sounds are messed up or just wont load. gunbarich (crash not supported) phoenix (amstar) (crash not supported) crazy kong part II (set 1) (crash not supported) donky kong junior (crash not supported) lady bug (crash not supported) alex kidd lost stars (sound messed up) mtv rock-n-roll trivia (doesnt get by the rom check screen) quarted (works but sound is messed up) raffiesia (works smooth but sounds are distorted) action fighter (works but has bad framerate) alien syndrome (works but has slowdown on vertical movement) super triv (works but no sound and in french) gardia (works but sound is distorted) hang on (works but analog control is digital only) hellfire (works perfect but could use overclock or something to stop slowdown in game when firing, genesis version is smaller graphics but doesnt have the slowdown)
  16. thanks again nes this emulator is very nice. A question. why is the sound on some games extremely low, can it be boosted somehow ? also on fbaxxxpro I used to overclock the neogeo cpu to 150 to get rid of slowdown on "last resort" etc.. can this be done in FBA legends ? hope there are some new skins going to be arriving for this soon, although the pm3 type one at the moment is nice especially the main start screen with the videos is really smooth and polished looking. also what format do videos have to be in ? i have a few avi ones, what do i need to convert them if I have to ?
  17. Fixed ^^ ---> http://neosource.1emu.net/forums/index.php...ic=1156.new#new Same should happened with Gunbarich and Mahjong G-Taste. kenshiro, cool. how well would grandmaster2 run on xbox ?
  18. As not all the roms in the .dat file work. some games refuse to even load, for example Tetris the grandmaster2 and the plus one. some load but are not playable for example mtv rock-n-roll trivia (part 2) is listed in the dat but when it loads it just loops at the rom check screen so is not playable. but they are listed in the .dat I think it would be a good idea to list all the non working games, or working badly with sound (continental circusruns at an ok 25-30 fps but has loud humming sound all the way through). Then eliminate them from the .dat file. and make a new .dat file with only the working ones. keep the main .dat file with all games listed, aswell though.
  19. nes, about the sreenshot crashing, it doesnt happen all the time, when i first did a screenshot for battlegaregga it did it and in the shots1 folder was a screenshot png with 0kb size. when i did it again later it worked, so it doesnt do it everytime. thanks for replying about truxton and the game info settings, if when you do a new update would it be possible to include a delete game option in the gui somehow ?
  20. nes, when i ran truxton first time it worked, but when i try to run it now it loads and has an error screen and wont go no further. RAM CHECK TEMP ERROR 00081C6A also when you take a screenshot in game, sometimes it comes up with the error about the game not being compatible, and that it has to exit. btw. I love the way you can just resize the video in game and its saved seperate for each game.
  21. thanks NES, played a few games now and this is emu is great. the best emulator on Xbox I'd say. just a quick question, about the ingame info. where are the setting for adjusting the text left hand margin ? because on my tv the text is always too far over to the left. I know you can move it with control stick while reading it , but i'd like to set it for once instead of having to move it every time.
  22. thats what i'm saying, they only work when using the analog stick for acceleration you cant get full speed unless you have the accel set to analog stick. triggers are analog arent they ? but they work only like normal buttons for some reason having (A) button mapped for accelerate doesnt work the accel properly. good news about scrolling list thingy
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