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  1. A question, I'm using the romcenter.dat from FBL 1.666 is this upto date to work for 1.7 ? also it doesn't seem to work with the latest version of romcenter (I'm using the old 2.71 version) what version of mame roms is fbl 1.7 working with ?
  2. RX, I notice you have astro fighter listed as no sound, well it uses samples, so put them in the samples dir and voila Sound. there are others like this aswell. and have you noticed galaga in FBL the firing is messed up, likes its stuck on autofire.
  3. that's the same problem I have. BP said it's because the hard drive is slow, but this doesn't happen on other emus only coinops. nes' versions only scroll one line at a time and you have to press again to goto the next line, but coin ops scrolls continually just holding down, so maybe change it so you have to press each time to move, maybe this would work better. ? hope it's understood what I mean.
  4. I don't use video previews, only screenshots. How about bringing back the screenshots option to the screen saver, as it only has options for blank screen or videos on the latest versions. suppose there no way adjusting the screen setting somewhere for certain games ? I like to play scramble and some other older vertical games with the screen stretched wider. also settings pole position analog to reverse is always reset, it doesnt save the settings, so I have to change it each time I play.
  5. hey BP I finally found out how to get pole position and pole position II working properly. its the Analog Controls need to be set to Reverse for pedal 1 and pedal 2 easy as that I have the the controls set as :- P1 Pedal 2 1>L-Trigger P1 Pedal 2 1>L-Trigger P1 Pedal 1 1>R-Trigger P1 Pedal 1 1>R-Trigger P1 Dial 1>L-Stick<- P1 Dial 1>L-Stick-> and Change "P1 Dial Sensitivity" to 15% works for both games. saves you some fixing Oh and is there anyway to get the english voices in PP1 and PP2 ? At the moment the flag scrolling past at the start and the voices are in Japanese. I'd like to hear the "Prepare to Qualify" etc voice. Also I asked about this before I think, when you have other sets or bootlegs in the rom folder they show up in the games list with the same name as the parent, so you get two entries with the same name and if i go to Remove the one of them that says "Other" on game type, from coinops start menu it always deletes the Parent roms.
  6. Does pole position 2 analog control work properly with shoulder buttons now, if I remember right you got Pole position 1 working properly with shoulder buttons but Pole position 2 still only goes to a certain speed and stays there if using shoulder buttons, but works properly only with using the right analog stick.
  7. cool can't wait. i just did an xbox for a friend and I want to put coinops on it, as its the best all round arcade emu. thanks.
  8. hi BP, this all sounds great, but how do I get to test it ? is there some secret club
  9. I'm dying to try out Ironclad, but mine shows up as red in romcenter, can anyone do the pm thing ? nevermind. I managed to rebuild it now its working correctly.
  10. wow !! thanks nes. you must have been working hard on this all this time, so many extras added and fixes. this is great work, so thank you very much. ! btw is there a way to have no menu bg music, as some games have such low volume I have to turn up the tv high, can i just delete mp3 ? i know there is an option for the volume, but it always seems to reset to 100%. thanks again nes.
  11. a little thing I noticed is when you add game to favourites, if you have that game favourited already it adds it again, so you can have 2 or more named the same in the favourites select.
  12. excellent, i was gonna mention that one. thanks for answering my questions, hope I arent annoying you with all the stupid questions. I'm loving this legends emu. thanks nes for all the work you've put into this.
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