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Final Burn Legends 1.0

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I copied a few roms over from FBA-XXX into the roms folder, and did the rebuild game list inside the emu and still does not see games?


Use the romcenterfba.dat supplied.

copy it to a pc install of romcenter probably C:\Program Files\Romcenter\datas

Plonk your roms in a folder on your desktop (anywhere will do as long as its easy to find)

and launch romcenter. Choose the dat file from a dropdown box at the top.

To the left will be a directory structure, right click that and add a new source for roms.

The rest is straight forward- ish.

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I copied a few roms over from FBA-XXX into the roms folder, and did the rebuild game list inside the emu and still does not see games?
Rom files need to be in lowercase letters, which means you'll need to ftp them. Copying them from usb drive or within the system itself results in capitalization.
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Agree with the usb drive capitalisation, but not internal copying. Never happened to me before !
You're probably right about the internal copying, so i'll just assume Californiadad's roms were in caps to begin with when he copied them.


nes6502 you were right about Garou. Didn't think it would take 5 - 10 minutes to load that rom. That's unbelievable. Any chance you'll integrate an option to switch between AES and MVS?


Is anybody else getting a green screen just before the system logo appears when a NeoGeo rom loads? Doesn't affect anything, but could it be a problem with my NeoGeo bios?

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This is an incredible piece of work Nes, and there is so much room for customisation I love it :P


BTW, if you wanna some help to add or fix some more VMM games just let me know. I'm 200% motivated, maybe more. Moooooooooooooooo!


I realise that this is a selfish request, but if kenshiro you could fix the VMM for martial masters or knights of valor 2, I would give you all of the small kisses you could ever need! :lol: I think they have a real chance of being somewhat playable on a 1.4ghz 128mb xbox


As far as feature requests from Nes, I cannot really think of any, this all looks amazing. Maybe have an optional button you can press in the GUI to load coinOPS? If coinOPS did the same for FBA Legends then it would be brilliant for people with cabinets (not that I have one, it's just a thought I had)..


anyway, thanks for all the hard work from Nes, and anyone else involved with this :)

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what arcade games does this play that CoinOPS wont? just a question as ive started to opomise CPS2 now and have speed up Mslug2 and World Hereos(thanks for iq for tips how to do this) so I dont need to boot FBAs any speed but there must be alot of games in this now that arnt playble on any other mame? what are they so I can have little play.


Cheers I looked the video on youtube and it looks all good

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