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  1. Yeah does that mean the coinops blog thread link is going to go? .....
  2. Sick to death of your usual ranting, bullshit & general spewing of crap. Remember what nes6502 said of you when you took his FB code without his consent...cancer on the XB scene...
  3. Actually have it finished for HD, everything is done for SD too except my configs onscreen. Had been focused on my FBL skin, & just want to improve/finish the Xbox Advance one I have. Won't be too far away.
  4. Good stuff Sparda. As I told you mate, any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  5. It's true, that accusation is entirely out of order. It seems you need a reminder that personal attacks are against the rules here and you are not exempt from them. Keep your development thread on topic, and if you want to criticise others or respond to criticisms against you then do so in a less offensive manner. I don't know what that green banner of yours actually means or how you got it but the above behaviour is a disgrace to it and I'm really not sure how other staff on this forum are happy to have you representing them in this way. The reason he gets away with all this is simple, b
  6. Thanks for the comments. Glad you like it.
  7. Here is my new "Versus" skin for Final Burn Legends. Designed with a single screenshot / video in mind. Splash screen: Main Menu: Rombrowser: Enjoy. Thanks to nes6502 for the emu, & those that gave me feedback on this skin. 1080 HD download: http://www.mediafire.com/?b3t7mtddp8b2717 720 HD download: http://www.mediafire.com/?pd42wxk0qribayu 640 x 480 SD version: http://www.mediafire.com/?g7fq7m1qp8pmmb0 Note: This skin uses HD images for both main menu & rombrowser screens (HD versions), which works great & looks great. However, if you use the imag
  8. Thanks guys for the feedback. I'll be happy to share the method with you Frank. Here's a few setup examples for the SD version: Can't let the SD users feel left out...
  9. Wrapped up the HD single large preview version now. Just have to save out all my BG screens for the HD Dual version & check my configs are sweet. Did lots of options for rombrowser screens, so this skin will be released as HD Single preview & HD Dual preview, probably have separate ones for SD too. Makes the download a bit bigger to combine them into 1 pack. Quite nice to have the choice to change the rombrowser BG pics/characters around.
  10. Thanks PhilExile. All feedback is appreciated, good or bad.
  11. All good +T+, I want to provide lots of options when people use this skin.
  12. Here are some more examples for a single large screen setup
  13. Thanks Lipo. I actually only use single screenshot too, just do the dual setups for others. I'm doing a range of options on the rom-list blade and other pics, mix & match..lol. Did think about doing a MGS skin, just finding enough hours in the day. Had some really cool ideas for it though.. Thanks to everyone for the comments.
  14. Good point about the kids..I was going for maximum impact with the big zombie head. I also have other rombrowsers with different characters in the romblade... Yeah mate, going to get around to finishing that Neogenesis skin, actually have it for HD at the moment, but was going to start a completely new one from scratch too (one of my favourite systems), what setup do you use +T+, HD or SD? I could fire you a link for the HD version (revised) if you want to test it out. Also have a XboxAdvance one pretty much finished too. Cheers.
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