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What Movie Did you Just Watch?


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one crazy summer and the first 30 minutes of King of Kong.

I'll finish Kong some time this week.

one crazy summer is a classic teen comedy from the 80's with john cusak and demi moore.

King of kong is a documentary about some dudes fighting over the high score on DK.

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The Spirit


At times it was awesome, at times it was retarded, overall it was a mixture of love, hate, what the heck, and they could have executed that better...


It's worth a look. I know others liked it much more then I did...


I was unsure as to what to think of this movie. It started out great, went to awful, up and down, all around, back to crap, hit average, and ended with a meh.


Overall this movie is a total disappointment. I guess Miller felt like he could do whatever he wanted with The Spirit mytho's/characters and no one was really going to care because not many people outside of hardcore comic book fans really know who The Spirit is.


Watch this movie without any expectations and you just might like it.

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The Day the Earth Stood Still and Yes Man.


The sci-fi remake is awesome and Keanu is perfect for that blank expressionless-faced alien in a human shell. The "cliffhanger" ending just let me down a bit. 9/10. :P


I dunno, but I see a resemblance now between Jim Carrey and Willem Dafoe. His movie does provide a good laugh. 7/10. :P

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"The Spirit"


Felt like a lot of the "comic" book artistic essence required the sacrifice of a freaking plot to give this movie anything.


Seriously, this movie started in Cuba and took you to New York in under two minutes.

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I updated my Spirit post located a few posts above...




Daredevil Director's Cut


Ok I saw this movie a long while ago and hated every second of it. Me being bored as hell last night and being the HUGE DD fan that I am I decided to watch this movie again, and I must say my views on it have changed immensely...

first of all it was almost an entirely new experience watching the R rated directors cut. So much was added in and many scenes were extended. It was just a much MUCH better movie this time around. Don;t get me wrong this movie had far to many flaws that IMO are inexcusable as far as I am concerned being the die hard DD fan that I am. Some of these complaints are...


*Spoilers below*

DD being WAAAAY to vicous (allowing a criminal to die and throwing Bullseye out a high as heck in the sky window)

Bullseye being Irish and not being in costume

Kingpin being black

Change of origin (they also left out DD's indepth martial arts/Ninja training he had before becoming DD)

*End of Spoilers*


Many comic book movies miss the mark and tend to do the exact same thing, I am trying to learn to accept it and lower my expectations when watching a movie based on a comic. It's just REALLY hard in this case because DD is such an icon and one of my all time favorite characters.


This is really not a bad movie at all. IF you are not to familiar with DD and his mytho's then you will enjoy this movie even more then I did.


I highly recommend it! It's worth a watch!



EDIT: They also got DD's costume right. Unlike the retarded Batman costumes with the lame looking plastic muscles and body armor.

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King of Kong made me so angry. I absolutely hated Billy Mitchell and his nerd gang. They were the uber nerds that I thought existed only in fiction.

seriously, I just finished watching it. Billy Mitchell is a real douchbag.

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I am Legend


Seriously, someone re-name this film to "I AM GAY".


As a piece of art, it wreaks of win. As a Book-Movie transition, as always, it fails.


The entire movie made me think of how awesome life would be had it been just me and a puppy. Until it got down to attempting to give the movie a ending...


Could it have been more gay? Dumbass.com has Will's brilliant plan of "Sacrifice" down as will full suicide. It's like the director wanted to point out his desire to kill himself, and then slapped everyone who watched the movie in the face telling them "You knew he was going to die, but you didn't think he was going to die in a way so stupid right?".


I edited the movie, I ended it with Will Smith crying as he chocked puppy to death. Better to leave the rest to the imagination if what you yourself come up with is considered trash.

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The Machine Girl.

prolly the lamest thing I've had the misfortune to see. The only saving point's were the 2 chicks were cute. but one was supposed to be the mother of a teenager..... yeah I guess if she had him at 7 years old. and the Drill Bra. best weapon ever.

overall I'll give it 2.5/5 for goofy violence and gore, (do fountains of red food colored water count as gore?) cute chicks and the drill bra.

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Finally got around to watching Howl's Moving Castle. Typically quality animation and storytelling from Ghibli. 8/10


Watched Porco Rosso again too, just something about that movie I can't put my finger on. Good stuff.


Also, Max Payne. I never played the games for more than 5 minutes so I can't really compare. Average action-fest with an all-over-the-shop storyline and some wooden acting. 5/10

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