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  1. Fine... I'll try something... Have you tried (if using supercard) dropping the nds onto the SC Magic Patcher? - http://l33t.spod.org/ratx/DS/SC/scmhbp/ And a sc.nds should appear... Use it.
  2. Ok I got it running on my SCSD and I use a dlink router. I have dialup, and it didn't take long for it to go nuts (it would keep repeating what it received).
  3. I don't think so, each PC has to have a unique IP, and DS2Key sets a server PC (so only one...).
  4. I don't think wep is supported, try without it. Edit: Opps! Beat me too! Jas20
  5. Nice app, better colors, doesn't lag my laptop. Better keyboard but the lack of zoom is sad (I didn't get that working in the other app very well anyway). Jas20
  6. trying to run now with my Supercard SD. Run DS app. Configure... Run server app. Leave... Press GRAL. Behold! A screen! My AP is a softap. No idea if that helps. Jas20
  7. You could go into notepad and see if a letter appears each time you press something. Jas20
  8. Your not suppost to run the exe. You run the bat which runs the exe and the settings. Jas20
  9. Did you read this? http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=182869 Jas20
  10. Opps! Sorry, I forgot I need to put a loader on it. It's working (on my supercard ). It now seems to react to 'touch' Jas2o
  11. I have attached a switcher program to my first post. I am not making a smaller version, I have done so and results weren't good. So the current version may be it. Jas20
  12. i ca't get the newest dsremote.exe to work. I downloaded a few times, once with a download manager. I always get a runtime error. The 0.2.4 worked fine for me. Jas2o
  13. I tried the new ver, the light wouldn't turn off. It was the ds.gba Jas2o
  14. <there was something wrong with this post, the information was wrong> I tried it again and the light is off, but everything is fine. Maybe I didn't add a loader? Meh... Either way, great app! Jas20
  15. The good thing about this, if you have flashme, you could WMB a wifi program, then switch over to SoftAP easily (with software hack). Are you trying to do this with a different utility? Jas20
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