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  1. w00t! Porn! Yay! Bring in the girls. This is so much better than what thsi forum use to be.
  2. Hey, just wanted to say thanks for this..it was realy handy. I was able to set up my configuration to play Final Fantasy 7 (I got the game for christmas a couple years ago..then..stoped playing it...and now i'm replaying it with my DS...much better now..don't actually have a PS :S).
  3. Just wanted to say that i'm extremealy impressed. Can't wait to see how this turns out in the future. It's just so cool being able to access my main computer from my DS However...I can only view my primary screen..not both my screens...but...oh well (either way, to fit both screens on the one screen on the DS..would make it super small )
  4. Yeah..i'm betting that's it..since...it's not working for me too and I also have two seperate video cards. I only have access to the screen connected to my primary video card.
  5. It unfortunately dosen't seem to be workign for me for some reason. I run the server, the box comes up (I do nothing from there on the actual computer), then I go ahead and start up the DS application...runs fine, I connect to my AP, enter the IP address of the computer I am accessing, and all that I see is a green thing at the top and a red line in the middle...i get the touch release and what not ont he top screen..but..nothing is happening on my main computer..and..i'm not seeing anything on my DS that is my desktop...zoom and what not do nothing. I even went ahead and stuck my main computer in the DMZ zone...diden't help. :S Wish this would work. I'm wondering if maybe realvnc could be conflicting with this? EDIT: by the way...I was able to get win2ds working...just not this..so...i'm not excactly sure what the problem is...since my DS apparently can connect to this computer. EDIT2: GOT IT TO WORK! YAY! I checked over all my settings more carefully this time before connecting to my AP...this is pretty cool EDIT3: Unfortunately though...it only works for one of my monitors..not both (I have a dual monitor set up). Kind of weird considering someoen else with my same set up said it worked with both monitors for them (or maybe I just imagined that post :S )
  6. You know, I also just tested it out today and noticed that it is detecting things quite far way. I can walk all the way up to the corner of my driveway (....we have a realy long driveway...more like a whole road...) and was able to turn my DS on and have it detect my network (this distance is way past what my wireless card on my laptop or router says it can go)...I can't go this far with my laptop and wireless card. I also noticed that this seems to detect things a lot better than the Nintendo WFC thing. Finaly (this is probaly already known), but if you drive or walk around out of the range of the wireless signal (i'm talking where you are miles away and are sure there is no way you could still be reciving that same signal), it stays on the screen. I drove from my house to perkins and found about 20 wireless hotspots....most of them not usijng wep I was pretty surprised...
  7. Yeah, Buy.com offers free shipping....I get it in a week instead of a couple days, but that's not a big deal. Going to go ahead and order it today Depending on how much longer my order on Lynx's site takes to be shiped..i may acutaly recive both packages at almost the same time (I will probaly end up getting the GBA MP and passme first since it is much faster shipping...but I have 2 CF cards to start trying out all the homebrew stuff ...not sure if the 8mb CF card i have will work, but the 32mb one should.) Either way, I dont' think there is any store I could go ahead and buy a 512mb card for $34...Gotta love Buy.com Oh does anyone know about using a 8mb CF card..i remember reading somewhere that with the non hacked GBA MP, you coulden't use anything below 32mb (think that was it). Oh, I also recomend Lynx's service..so far (accordign to the status changes) it is going smoothly Plus cheaper than buying from Lik-sang (the GBA MP that is).
  8. hmmm...either way, i'm still goign with a 512mb card...can't afford to lose more money :S My wallet is decreasing... Anyways, I decided to get the Kingston Technology 512MB Compact Flash Card - CF/512 at Buy.com for 33.99. The people on lik-sang reported it working very well, and the only problem is that it had a few issues with PocketNES that were very very minor...hoping this wont mean i should expect big issues while using it for DS homebrew and dev (i would like to get into a little DS dev...later on ). Oh, for people planing on ordering of lynx's site...I ordered about 5 hours ago and he appears to already have my order ready (my order status just changed from pending to ready)...so far I am happy with Lynx's services Plus..if i were to buy the two seperatly (buying the GBA MP off Lik Sang) I would end up paying around $45, so i'm saving around $5
  9. I can leave it going over night and have aroudn 10 normal episodes converted...so yeah..guess i will maybe consider getting a 512mb or 215mb card. Oh..I just ment used..not brand new...i'm not the only one who says that. I guess if they say it was barely used..but if it were used continusly over a very long period of time...it could be near it's end...oh well..don't listen to me Anyways, guess i'll be getting the non enclosed pasme then with box...I'll just dig up the 3 dollars in quarters so it feels like I diden't take it out of my wallet Thanks for your help. EDIT: to add to the list of cheap supplies http://www.mwave.com/mwave/skusearch.hmx?S...D=done&nextloc= -- 512mb compact flash card, only 28.50...never heard of the site sellign them before though... EDIT2: More searchign though froogle http://www.provantage.com/buy-7vikg138-512...2m-shopping.htm -- 512mb card for only 26.99...not sure how much shipping is for either of them though. :S EDIT3: If you are in the US it looks like the link in edit 2 will come out to around 30 dollars...think that is what i'm goign to buy...30 dollars isen't bad at all, and the site and flash card look better... Edit4: I don't know if i recomend the above card...Buy.com has it even cheaper, however everyoen seems to complain that it is very slow.
  10. Probaly isen't the best place to ask...but I'm goign to go ahead and order the GBA MP with a passme from http://www.dspassme.com/oscommerce/catalog...&products_id=42 I already have a 32 MB compact flash card I can use and a card reader...but is it worth it to spend money on a 512mb card to watch video..i keep hearing that after 5 minutes the video will have sync problems. I converted some video myself on the computer at high quality..and it didne't look too bad (could read the subtittles). Also...Buy with the box or buy without and save three dollars. What do you guys think? Oh, just a quick note...I would stay away from used Compact Flash cards off ebay EDIT: Oh...is there any better chance of the pasme breaking compared with the super pasme (same thing, same price, but with cover). Or does it matter?
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