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  1. Fine... I'll try something... Have you tried (if using supercard) dropping the nds onto the SC Magic Patcher? - http://l33t.spod.org/ratx/DS/SC/scmhbp/ And a sc.nds should appear... Use it.
  2. Ok I got it running on my SCSD and I use a dlink router. I have dialup, and it didn't take long for it to go nuts (it would keep repeating what it received).
  3. I don't think so, each PC has to have a unique IP, and DS2Key sets a server PC (so only one...).
  4. I don't think wep is supported, try without it. Edit: Opps! Beat me too! Jas20
  5. Nice app, better colors, doesn't lag my laptop. Better keyboard but the lack of zoom is sad (I didn't get that working in the other app very well anyway). Jas20
  6. trying to run now with my Supercard SD. Run DS app. Configure... Run server app. Leave... Press GRAL. Behold! A screen! My AP is a softap. No idea if that helps. Jas20
  7. You could go into notepad and see if a letter appears each time you press something. Jas20
  8. Your not suppost to run the exe. You run the bat which runs the exe and the settings. Jas20
  9. Did you read this? http://www.1emulation.com/forums/index.php...ndpost&p=182869 Jas20
  10. Opps! Sorry, I forgot I need to put a loader on it. It's working (on my supercard ). It now seems to react to 'touch' Jas2o
  11. I have attached a switcher program to my first post. I am not making a smaller version, I have done so and results weren't good. So the current version may be it. Jas20
  12. i ca't get the newest dsremote.exe to work. I downloaded a few times, once with a download manager. I always get a runtime error. The 0.2.4 worked fine for me. Jas2o
  13. I tried the new ver, the light wouldn't turn off. It was the ds.gba Jas2o
  14. <there was something wrong with this post, the information was wrong> I tried it again and the light is off, but everything is fine. Maybe I didn't add a loader? Meh... Either way, great app! Jas20
  15. The good thing about this, if you have flashme, you could WMB a wifi program, then switch over to SoftAP easily (with software hack). Are you trying to do this with a different utility? Jas20
  16. That works really well. I was playing a snes game with it (because the DS has all the needed buttons). I didn't come accross any bugs. Great work, and thankyou for a great application. Jas20
  17. I have made in made inprovments to the 'tutorial' (if you could call it one). It makes it so you can switch to AP mode when it says it doesn't exist. No need to open and close now Jas20
  18. Does it use the gigabyte driver & utility? What OS is yours? Are you relying on the batch scripts to do it for you? ------- I would try doing it myself. Finding the gigabyte folder. Finding the %OS%STA/ folder. Copy the original rt2500.sys to a safe place. Put in the renamed wifime file. Make sure this is the one for your OS. Go into Ap mode, then switch to station. Jas20
  19. So it works? Good. It was my first post here. I use D:, but I though most use C: The changes have been made, I also put 'cd' in the batch script so if people have different directories, it's easier to change. Jas20
  20. You probably would have to change things to suit your PC. This is for XP, but you should be able to tweak to make it work for win 2000 Why You need: Gigabyte utility and drivers (one people used for Nintendo Wifi Connection) Ralink card Windows XP (should work for 2000 if tweaked) Rescource hacker http://delphi.icm.edu.pl/ftp/tools/ResHack.zip Goto: C:\Program Files\Gigabyte\Gigabyte GN-WPKG Wireless PCI Adapter SoftAP\Installer\WINXPSTA Move: "rt2500.sys" to /org and copied the "rt2560.sys" out of WinXp/i386 (assuming this is the driver you used) of the WMB drivers to /ds, rename it to "rt2500.sys". CHOICE! You can either use batch scripts or my switcher program. If you want batch, I made 2 batch scripts: STAtoDS.bat cd "C:\Program Files\Gigabyte\Gigabyte GN-WPKG Wireless PCI Adapter SoftAP\Installer\WINXPSTA\" del "rt2500.sys" copy "ds\rt2500.sys" "rt2500.sys" DStoSTA.bat cd "C:\Program Files\Gigabyte\Gigabyte GN-WPKG Wireless PCI Adapter SoftAP\Installer\WINXPSTA\" del "rt2500.sys" copy "org\rt2500.sys" "rt2500.sys" If you want the switcher program You can download at the attachment. Switch to AP mode, when the card 'doesn't exist' Now make sure the utilty is closed. Open /Winxp/RaConfig2500.exe in Resource Hacker. Navigate to: Menu -> 223 -> 1033 Add: MENUITEM "Switch to AP Mode", 32781 I put it under "Use zero config..." Click "Compile Script" and save. It should have made a backup itself, incase things don't work for you. The following "To switch..." aren't updated. To switch to WMB: Run APConfig2500.exe Run STAtoDS.bat Right click the AP utiltiy and click "Switch to Station Mode" It will show it doesn't exist. Now use WMB/Wifime To switch to SoftAP: Right click on the utility and click "Switch to AP mode" Working as an Ap To switch to Station (from WMB): Switch to AP mode Run DStoSTA.bat Right click the utility at click "Switch to Station Mode" It should now be acting like a normal wificard It's even better now (with resource hack and switcher) Jas20 Switcher.zip
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